Pandora Bracelet: Is It Worth It?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


The big question of buying one Pandora bracelet is worth it causes a lot of debates, not only between me and my family but also to some of my friends. 

I decided to post something about it because before I had one, I tried researching online for reviews and got a few helpful posts. 

Pandora is a well-marketed brand that is founded at Denmark last 1982. Yes, the brand has been with us for so many years but it was just recently when they became famous because of their bracelets and charms. 

The price difference in the Philippines to other countries are big though. Before I proceed with my thoughts regarding the matter, I will just share on where I got mine.

I got a Pandora bracelet as a birthday gift last year from my boyfriend, he also included one charm. He knew I always wanted one whenever I look at it at stores. 

He bought the Silver Bracelet with Clear Cubic Zirconia. It costs 5780php in the Philippines but in other countries like Australia, you can get it for as low as 4000php only. Lot of difference, right? The charm attached of You and Me costs 1870php. 

The charms are expensive so I do not buy additional charms easily. I saved up some of my pocket money for one charm to be bought at Pandora, Disneyland Hong Kong Branch. 

There are items exclusively offered at Disney and some charms being sold that will never be offered in the Philippines. 

With my pocket money, I bought a Belle Charm. From all the Disney Princesses, Belle is my favorite. I wanted to buy all the other Disney Princesses but it is expensive and I only saved up for one charm. 

I bought the Belle charm for 599HK$ (around 3500php) and it is still cheaper if it will be available in the Philippines. The only offered Disney Princess in the Philippines are Elsa and Ana charms and it costs 3860php, most likely if the other Disney Princesses will be available in our country, it will cost just like that too. 

The charm Belle has a Disney and the name Belle engraved on it. Also, there is a free polishing cloth from Pandora Disneyland when I purchased the charm. 

Now, let me share my thoughts on it. Whether it is worth it or not. Remember though before you proceed reading, this is my own opinion. I will share with you the advantages, disadvantages and some tips. 


1. Customized Bracelet 

If you are the kind of person who always wanted something sentimental, this bracelet is perfect. Why? Because you will be able to fit the charms depending on your life story or personality. That is what makes me want this bracelet, I can customize it to signify my own story.  Like for me, I wanted to have each of my charms to have meaning. Like the one my boyfriend gave me, since it is my first charm and he gave it to me, the charm You and Me fits our relationship. The Belle charm that I have signifies my experience at Disneyland and my favorite Disney character. I would have wanted another charm to remind me of my experience at Ocean Park Hong Kong but there is no Cable Car charm that would remind me of it.

2. Collection

If you wanted something that you can collect, this is a great start and something that you can collect and use everyday. 

3. Trending Fashion

It is really trending and it can fit any outfit weather formal, work, everyday or even gym clothes. 

4. Something Personal and Delicate

I now have something precious that I want to take care of because it is a gift and the bracelet is delicate. 

5. Unique

Pandora is the only brand that really offers variety of charms and that you can choose whatever to put on your bracelet. There are other jewelries that offers charm bracelets but they are already fixed. 

6. Lifetime Cleaning Warranty Worldwide

Pandora offers lifetime cleaning warranty as long as you follow their policy like do not put a non-Pandora charm on their Pandora Bracelet. (There are fake Pandora charms being sold so be careful also there are a lot of replicas being sold.)


1. Expensive

The bracelet alone is expensive and if you will compute all the additional charms, it will be really really expensive. The amount will be atrocious. 

I suggest that if you have someone abroad that can buy it for you, ask them - it is really cheaper. I do not know if the tax in the Philippines is really high that the tendency is the items will also be more expensive. 

Tip: If you wanted a limited edition Pandora Bracelet, Disneyland has their bracelets sold with Disney engraved on their clasps that are not available in other Pandora branches. Philippines do not give freebies like a polishing cloths. I really suggest that you buy yours abroad.

2. Value

There is no value for a silver bracelet in the market. It is a well-marketed brand that makes it expensive.

3. Durability

Check your bracelet regularly. I noticed that my bracelet has a missing stone on the clasp when I received it but they replaced it when we took it back. So, I think it can easily break if you are not careful. 

I cannot wear it when I am cleaning or using harsh chemicals because it can stain or put damage on the silver bracelet. Also, I do not suggest that you wear it on showers or expose it to water, it can get rusty or soap suds can enter your charms then later on cause problems. 

4. Limited Choices of Charms (at least for me)

Believe, there a lot of charms to choose from but for a makeup addict like me, there is no charm that can describe that! I wish that there are more charms that we use everyday that will be added to their collection like, lipsticks, brushes. There are charms of flags but not all countries are available so if you get what I mean, it still lacks some charms that I wish I can have.

Now, the big it worth it? 

For me, it is definitely worth it but...just because I got it as a gift. I think it makes the bracelet special because someone you love gave it to you. Maybe that is the reason that I never bought one for myself even though I knew I could somehow afford it, I always have that change of heart when I have the opportunity to buy one for myself. The charms are okay to buy for myself but the bracelet itself has more value when given as a gift. 

Think about it...

Do you think I answered the question even a little? I hope that this post is quite helpful for you to decide whether to buy one or not. :) Anyway, I am still not feeling well so last post for the day. Goodnight! :)

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