Givenchy Le Rouge: 204 Rose Boudoir

Sunday, February 21, 2016


I just borrowed this from my sister so I can share my review. It is originally hers but I am intrigued because it looks so nice as well as the color! 

From all the high end brands that I tried, this Givenchy is so far the best packaging of the lipstick that I saw. The lipstick case alone is a high quality black leather with silver and the brand name and logo is engraved. When I looked closely around the packaging, Givenchy really put the luxury of their brand into this lipstick. Even the lipstick has its logo engraved on its side like Chanel. 

Brand: Givenchy

Type: Le Rouge (Semi-Matte)


Weight: 3.4g

Product Description: Rosy Pink-toned Red



The best lipstick packaging that I saw and far! I love the leather and the silver parts of the casing. 

The lipstick is creamy that it is so easy to glide over my lips. No tugging experienced. It filled up my lip lines nicely. The color is highly pigmented. One coating is enough to fully cover my lips. The shade can pass a natural looking lips.

Even though the texture is semi-matte, it did not cause any dryness on my lips, in fact it remained hydrated. 

The lipstick left an uneven stain on the lips after eating heavy meals and drinking. I still re-applied though because the stain it left was uneven. 

If I did not eat, the lipstick lasted for more than 6 hours. 


This brand is not readily available in the Philippines. If you want one, ask your relatives or friends abroad to buy you one. Its a little expensive compared to other high-end brands but worth it!


Buy again? 100% (I will definitely buy one for myself, I just used this lipstick to review but it belongs to my sister...LOL. Why did I borrow it? Now I want one too!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: $36

Where to buy? Sadly, there is no store in the Philippines. I am not sure if there are online sellers catering this brand. 

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