Proactiv Integrated Acne Treatment System: 30 Day Trial Kit

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Believe it or not, acne has been one of the reasons to cause a low self-esteem in a person. It holds back a person to be socially active and have fun. For our everyday routine, it is mandatory that we put our best face forward and with the help of Proactiv, we can achieve that acne free skin. Proactiv is an American brand that is known to be effective in fighting acne through their treatment process. 

It has been a problem of mine to have breakouts specially on days before my menstrual period and when I am stressed. Although in my case my acne is few, one to two or up to three zits is my maximum per breakout. 

The trial kit came with a book by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields and a quick start guide card on how to use the kit. Both the experts on skin care wrote a book about acne and how it starts and how we can prevent it so we can understand it better. I will share with you the important things that were written on the book that I learned and took note. There are 30 tips for a 30 days trial kit.

To share it what I read briefly, (1) the first thing that both experts wanted us to learn is we have to decide and commit to battle our acne and stay clear from it. I believe that commitment is needed if we wanted to achieve beautiful skin, personally I find it hard to maintain so it really takes a lot of discipline. 

(2) Acne (acne vulgaris) is a known skin disease and is known to be the number one leading skin disease in the world. I knew that acne is not normal but I am not aware that it is the number one disease for skin. I did not expect that it is really a major problem.

(3) According to the experts, acne is complex and chronic. It is hard to treat and it can take years before fully managed. According from the book, acne is not curable and medicines taken orally or topically will help your skin to be clear but it will not cure it as it can go back anytime specially if you take for granted your skin care routine again. 

(4) In relation to number three. We must practice the good habits and let go of the bad ones. 

(5) In contrary to what others taught us that we should avoid chocolates, french fries and more unhealthy food as it causes acne, according to the doctors it is really not the culprit. It may trigger but not to be the one to cause it. Heredity and hormones are both to blame. Yes, having an acne can be passed down by genes. Stress and change of body during menstrual period falls under the hormonal change. When we are stressed, our body releases cortisol (a hormone) that increases blood sugar and decreases immune system. 

(6) While acne to most people are not triggered by food, there are some that easily have a trigger of breakouts when they ate something. From their research, the common ingredient from the food is iodine. If you want to avoid having a trigger of breakouts, you can avoid iodine rich foods. 

(7) and (8) Stay protected under the sun. Use broad-spectrum sunblocks that are non-comedegenic. When we get tanned from sunlight, it causes our skin to shed dead skin cells. The more we shed dead skin cells, the more it clogs our pores resulting to acne forming in our skin. 

(9) and (10) Do not pop your zit and don't put any practices that are not proven! Admit it, I too experience that I always pop it to lessen the discomfort and back when I was an adolescent, I tried using toothpaste over my pimples. Both are wrong practices. Popping the zit makes the acne deeper and causes infection that in time became a dark spot scar that is very hard to remove. 

(11) Let your scars heal on their own. Some deep scarring cannot be healed and the dark spots takes time to heal. 

(12) Others stay away from a person with a lot of acne because they thought they can get it too. The truth is, it cannot be transferred. It is not contagious. Remember, it is caused by a person's genes and hormones. 

(13) The medicine should be applied to the whole face and not the concerned areas only. Acne are already forming even though we cannot visibly see it. When you see a zit, it is already on the last stage of its formation.

(14) Cleanse your skin to wash away dead skin cells. 

(15), (16) and (17) Use benzoyl peroxide to battle acne even before it starts. Benzoyl peroxide is a anti-microbial product that targets acne. Do not wipe on colored fabrics the benzoyl peroxide since it can discolor it like a bleacher.

(18) Avoid pore clogging makeup. Look for non-comedogenic products.

(19) Salicylic acid dissolves the clogs. Look for that ingredients when you use a toner or cleansers. 

(20) Keep your pores small to avoid production for too much oil. Use topicals containing glycolic acid, salicylic acid or retinol. 

(21) Acne can also show in the body that are rich in hair follicles like back and chest. Practice proper hygiene and if prone to acne on body, use a medicated body wash.

(22) If you are allergic, look for an alternative. 

(23) Washing your face with a cleanser twice a day is already enough. Too much washing can strip off your natural oil. Your skin will notice this and will produce more oil than what you only need in response. 

(24) There are scrubs that harm the skin. Use scrubs that have their beads in round particles like polyethylene beads than sharp edges to avoid tears on skin that are not visible. 

(25) Include sulfur masks on your skin care at least two to three times a week, it decreases the swelling and redness of your acne.

(26) Your scalp is not spared and it can also have acne so you can also use medicated shampoos.

(27) Whether dry or oily, acne still applies on both skin conditions. 

(28) If your acne did not get controlled after a six to eight weeks of home made treatment, see a dermatologist.

(29) Take a before and after photo of your skin!

(30) If you stay committed and been successful, share to others your success story. 

Well, my brief share of what I learned does not look short now, sorry but I hope you find my summarized entries helpful so that you do not need to buy this book if ever. As I used this Proactiv Treatment system it has been successful and I am now sharing my success story through this review. 

Brand: Proactiv

Type: Integrated Acne Treatment System 30 Day Trial Kit

Product Description: 

What is included on the 30 Day Trial Kit?

Key Ingredients from each set:


The cleanser that is included on the kit has micro beads that can exfoliate. It can be used twice a day by massaging a generous amount on a damp skin for at least 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse off and pat dry. 

Weight: 60ml

How To Use: 



The cleanser is unscented. The cream is thick but when I applied it on my damp skin, it has this micro beads that exfoliates the skin. The beads does not melt unlike on some other facial cleansers. It remained a bead on the cream throughout until I rinsed it off. After rinsing off, my skin looked brighter and cleaner even after one use. 


For those with sensitive skin you may want to use this carefully, I felt a little raw during the process of massaging it onto my skin. I know that it is designed to exfoliate but the cream and beads really rubs your skin off quite harshly. At least for me, this is just my experience. However, on a brighter side, it still left some residue on skin after rinsing off so it is not dry.



The toner included on the kit is mild. It can be used twice a day and a thin layer can be applied over the entire face. Allow to dry and do not rinse off. 

Weight: 60ml

How To Use:



It is an alcohol free toner! So no nasty smell. The toner is actually mild and gentle that I find it soothing when I applied it over my face. It cleansed my skin by removing excess oil but it still maintained my skin's moisture. The toner did not sting on my areas with acne.

It is suggested to use a sunscreen if this toner is being used. 

Cons: None noted.



The cream is thin and easy to apply and spread. It can be used twice a day. A thin layer can be applied on entire face. Allow to dry and do not rinse off.

Weight: 30ml

How To Use: 



It can be used for the entire face or just the affected area. For my experience, I only used it on the affected area. I applied it on my zit after the toner. I left it on my skin until dry before I put on my moisturizer at night. 

I noticed that my zit became dry over night of use and after three days of using it continuously, my zit now became a dark hyper pigmentation. Its the fastest and most effective product that I tried in drying out my zits. 


The bottle is hard to press in expelling the cream. When I squeezed too hard, the product spits out too much cream. I wish that the bottle is easier to control. If the treatment cream will be used daily or twice daily and over the entire face, this will be consumed first over the other items included on the kit. 



At first, I had a hard time on what part I will insert the use of this refining mask. It is a part of skin care that can only be used two to three times a week. It is not included on the daily routine. It is suggested to be used after toning the skin. 

There are two ways to use it. If applied over entire face, leave it for 10 minutes then rinse it off. If it will be used overnight, apply the mask on the affected area only. 

Weight: 28g

How To Use: 



I used it over my entire face in my experience. The mask is easy to apply and after application, the mask dried easily. While I waited for the 10 minutes to be over, the only feeling I felt is a little tightening on my skin, I feel like it is being stretched. 

After the 10 minutes period, it is easy to rinse off. My skin still felt hydrated after use. 

The tube has a protective seal when I opened it. I don't know if its just me but I appreciate products making sure that their items are sealed properly. (photo below)

Cons: None noted.



In my case, acne is not really a problem. I only encounter it during a stressful period and before my menstrual cycle and when I have these breakouts, I only have two to three of zits over my entire face and it is usually located on my chin or forehead. 

I waited to have an acne before I tested this product because I wanted to show the before and after. As you can see on the photo I shared above, my zit is on its last stage of development. The zit is fresh, red and swollen but after an overnight treatment, it dried. The photo of my post treatment is taken three days after and it became a dark pigment that disappears after it healed completely. 

For three days, it has a visible effect. Imagine if you have a lot of acne and you will use this skin care as a routine, a lot of positive results can happen. 

For my case though, I noticed that the treatment can be drying even though I applied my usual skin care after this treatment process. I will only use it during the period before my breakouts start or only on the affected areas. Take note though that I will only do this because it is seldom that I have acne. It is just for my own opinion and case. Your case might be different. 

Overall though, I find it really effective. I heard a lot of good reviews from this brand even before and to experience it first-hand, I am happy to share that it is worth it and I greatly recommend it. 

Buy again? 100%

Price: 2,495php (There is a 60 Day Kit that costs 3,995php)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Where to buy? Trinoma, Second Floor and Glorietta 3 Ground Floow. That are the branches that I saw, I am not sure where are the other branches located. 

To know more, you can follow them on their Facebook account here. To know more about Proactiv, visit their website here

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