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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I love taking care of my skin but I admit that I do not go regularly to have my facial done. First reason is because I am scared of pricking, I do not like that part and most facials have this part of the treatment included. Second, the budget. Some facials can be quite expensive specially for my case, the treatments that does not contain pricking can be a more expensive than regular facials. 

Last year, I attended and event by Healthy Magazine in partnership with Skin Perfection. It is my first time to encounter the brand. I got this gift certificate and a starter set of brightening skin care (that I will review separately) from the event. 

I availed the facial before the year ended and I will now share with you my experience. 

There are a few skin care clinics that are accredited by Skin Perfection and I chose the one nearest in my place, the Facets and Figures Facial and Slimming Spa that is located at 2nd Floor, The Rock Building in Holy Spirit Drive, Isidora Hills Subdivision, Quezon City. 

Facets and Figures uses Skin Perfection products for their skin care treatments. 

I went there in time with my appointment for 4:00PM of December 30, 2015 and I already booked my appointment three days before. I was surprised though because when I came to Facets and Figures, they thought that I cancelled my appointment. I asked them how, they said that they exchanged messages with me or so they thought. I showed them my cellular phone that I did not receive any contact from them and the last time that I had a conversation with them was when I booked my appointment. I am actually disappointed because I already made an effort to go their spa and I have to learn personally that my appointment has been moved. 

I asked them what happened and they told me that they had a conversation with someone who has the same name as mine (if yes, what a great coincidence) that was asking for procedures and rates. When they asked if she will have the procedure done, that someone declined and they thought that it was me. 

I told them that they asked for my personal number when I booked the appointment, how come they assumed that I am the other person. The one at the front desk did not bothered to apologize and just told me because of that they already accepted someone in my place of the appointment and that I will have to follow instead. More than half of my decision already weighs to just go home because I have to wait another 45 minutes before my turn but I wanted to review the experience of the treatment. 

I decided to have snack at the Starbucks right across from the spa while waiting patiently for my turn. (Photo above)

The air condition system is also down for the clinic. They told me that it was under maintenance so it is quite hot inside. The staff made an effort to steady the electric fan on my treatment bed though. 

Anyway, back to my review. The place is small but has a cozy feel. I am also happy to see the Healthy Magazine at the front desk area.

The facial that was given to me by Skin Perfection is the Oxygen Facial Treatment. I was asked to choose between Oil Control, Whitening and Anti-Aging. What did you think I chose? 

I chose the Anti-Aging of course, I am already nearing 30's oh my goodness, the vanity inside my strikes in. 

The procedure will take almost an hour for my Intensive Oxygen Facial with Cleaning. The treatment costs 1,700php and my gift certificate is 1,800php. 

The therapist assigned to me took her time to explain each step of the procedure. She also told me that the process is the same for all the kinds except that they differ on the serums depending on your target. 

According to Skin Perfection, the Oxygen Peptide Facial is a relaxing and results-oriented facial treatment which forms its basis on the revolutionary peptide skin care research, providing a turnkey solution for oil control and acne inflammation, hyperpigmentations, as well as anti-aging. The Clinical Solutions makes use of non-chemically derived formulas from specific skin type serums which is infused with stabilized oxygen to promote cellular growth and repair. It is composed of Basic and Intensive Treatment Programs with Boosters to amplify skin correction results in 28 days. 

The Intensive Treatment according to Skin Perfection reconstructs the epidermis to a healthy thickness and remove congestion to induce skin clarity. With its problem specific remedies using proprietary peptide formulas to modulate the skin activity for desired effect. It also replenishes and rejuvenates the skin with nutrient-full anti-oxidants and penetrative Hyaluronic Acid. 

The treatment is relaxing and I think I dozed off during most of it. 

The first step done is to cleanse my face, they used a Skin Perfection Deep Cleanser. I also have this cleanser included on my starter set that I will review separately. 

Next step is they put a mask on my face and put a solution over it. I am not sure if it is the toner. They let it stay over my skin for 15 minutes. 

They used a solution that will make black heads and white heads surface out of your skin so that the pricking will not be necessary. (Oh I am already loving this treatment)

The therapist managed to remove a lot though she still advised me to have the regular facial with pricking because some blackheads/whiteheads are deep and did not re-surface from the skin. 

The serum she used is the Anti-Aging and it has a slight stretching feel on my skin while it was being absorbed. 

My skin felt soft, smooth and hydrated after the procedure. I took my before and after photos but I am not sure if the difference of what I feel is visible on the photos. I think my skin had this healthy glow instead of pale. 

There are other treatments offered at Facets and Figures Facial and Slimming Spa just in case you are interested. They also accept atm/debit cards and credit cards for payment unlike other Spas. 

List of procedures available and their rates:

I am happy with they Oxygen Facial Treatment and I may do it again. I can see and feel the difference on my skin. 

You can follow Skin Perfection on their Facebook page here. For Facets and Figures Facebook page, link here.

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