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Thursday, January 14, 2016


Last year, I am so blessed to be invited to attend the first Media Launch of Banila Co. in the Philippines. I am a fan of Korean Products and having one of the best seller at Korea within my reach is enough to make me giddy. 

I got some Banila Co. bestsellers as a souvenir from the event and the first that I wanted to review is this Primer. I praise the first inventor of the primer because it does an amazing job in making the skin looked smoother and a lasting makeup finish.

The primer that I got from Banila Co. is their Classic one. It comes in a white packaging. I wish I could also share the product description of the primer but it is all written in Korean as well as the Ingredients.

Brand: Banila Co.

Type: Primer

Variant: Classic

Weight: 30ml

Product Description: 



I appreciate brands taking an effort to put the expiration date on the bottom of each product than the packaging. Why? Because I can ditch the boxes and store the items properly. 

The bottle has a cap that can protect your pump for accidental spillage. It is easy to remove and put on.

The pump expels small amount of primer so it is easy to control how much product you only need. Since it is a pump, it makes the product more hygienic and easy to clean.

The texture is smooth and powder-like that it is easy to spread onto the skin. When I applied it, it made some small pores on my face disappear but not the big pores. The finish is like matte so this can be used by people with combination skin. Personally, it does not make my skin dry though, so I guess it is also safe to be used by people with dry skin.

The texture reminded me of The Balm's Time Balm. It is also same in regards to color and consistency. Its matte like consistency to the face made it easier to apply foundation better. It really glides on smoothly.

I did not experience any breakouts and my makeup looked better and lasted longer compared when I apply my foundation without a primer. Also, no need to wait long before the primer set on skin.

The scent is floral-like that smells like perfume. I like it though because it is not that strong.


Even though it is a matte-like primer, it makes my skin stay hydrated so some with oily skin may try a tester first before buying this. It can be a potential cause of more oily skin. Try their classic matte variant instead.


(Pardon my dry and chapped lips.)
The difference cannot be seen much but from my observation, my small pores are concealed.

My face with L'Oreal Foundation over Banila Co. Prime Primer Classic

Buy again? 100% (I also wanted to try out their other kinds of Primer to check which best works for me.)

Overall Rating: 4/5 

Price: 1060php

Where to buy? Banila Co. Branch at Glorietta 4. Zalora, Lazada, Calyxta and BeautyMNL.

You can follow Banila Co. on their Social Media Accounts for updates here: 
Instagram: @BanilaCoPH

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