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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Perks of A Bella: Discounted Ace Water Spa Stay

I saved up my coupon from my BDJ Planner of a discounted overnight stay at Ace Water Spa, Pasig Branch for my boyfriend's birthday last December 2015. We came with his family. At that time most of the rooms available are already booked so I chose the Deluxe Twin Bed Room for our stay.

The coupon from BDJ entitled me a 2000php discount from the total of the room accommodation. The Deluxe Twin Bed room is around 6,000+ and we only paid 4,000+. That is already a lot of savings. 

If you are going to use your BDJ Coupon make sure you are booked ahead, refer to the number on the back of your coupon. It is also stated at the back of the coupon that advanced booking is required. I am not sure if they will not accept the discount coupons for the hotel stay if you will arrive as walk-in. 

Included in my stay are two complimentary tickets for the Spa and two buffer breakfast. Also, there are two red wines as a welcome drink. You can avail the red wine in either their Steak House restaurant (which is closed by the time that I went there) or at the Sky High Bar. 

We were able to check-in on time that is why it is still sunny in our room. It is a good thing they have a blackout curtains. When I opened the curtains, I can see the city nicely in our room. 

Here is the view at sunset followed by the photo of the early morning the next day:

The Deluxe Twin room amenities includes the two Twin Beds that are wide and comfortable. The pillows are fluffy too.

Included inside the room is a 32 inch TV with cable channels. I can also keep up with my social media account because the hotel has a free wi-fi access. 

There is also a mini refrigerator inside the cabinet. I was able to stack the complimentary bottled waters inside the refrigerator. 

There is a complimentary tea and coffee packets included. I do not have to worry for using it because there is an electronic kettle included in our room as well as glasses and tea cups. 

There are two complimentary bottled waters included for the room stay. There is also a menu offered just in case you want to stay inside the room and have a food delivered to you. Of course since it is room service, the food are more expensive compared to the prices when you eat dine in.

There is a place that we can stack up our luggage since the cabinet is a little small and lacks shelves. 

I love this spot. The executive writing desk is the perfect place for me to do my take home work. I wish I have a spot like this at home that I can place my laptop on top of it and do my blogging work. A mini-office space. The chair is comfortable that I sat on it for more than a few hours while doing my take home work without my body complaining. 

This book is a nice feature of the hotel, they have a guide and local numbers that you can contact. There is also a guide on how to get around the city as well as their policies just in case there are fire or emergencies. 

Beside the window, there is also a couch and a nice coffee table. 

The cabinet has a safety box included. No worries to store your valuables while you enjoy the spa. 

The cabinet is a little small and we decided not to use it for storing our luggage since we are only going to stay overnight.

The bathroom has a blow dryer included. It is now easy to dry my hair after a swim at the Spa. 

The bathroom is large and the shower area is covered in glass so no worries for water spillage out of the shower. 

The greatest part of the bathroom, it has a bidet! Most hotels do not have a bidet in their bathrooms and I do not know why. 

The complimentary shampoo, conditioner and soaps are customized from Ace Water Spa.

For the buffet breakfast in Ace International Buffet, we paid for the additional guests and I think it costs around 600+ per head. I will post a separate blog entry for the breakfast buffet after this blog post and for my experience at the Sky High Bar, click the link here.

I bought a birthday cake for Redgie and I ordered the Mango Cake.

The Spa can be seen at the Hotel's lobby and I took this photo while I was buying the surprise cake. 

I enjoyed my stay, the food and the spa. I can't wait to use my coupon this 2016 for another overnight stay. 

To know more about Ace Water Spa, you can follow their Facebook Page here. Also, you can check out their website here

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