My BDJ Planner 2016: 10th Year Edition

Sunday, November 1, 2015


I feel that this planner is really special because it is their 10 Years Anniversary. I bought online while the price is still on sale. The planner usually costs 598php and I got it for only 500php. 

I just wanted to share to you what the planner for 2016 looks. Check out my photos below.

My favorite part of the planner is crossing out the checklist. I gain a sense of fulfillment whenever I check another task from the BDJ's yearly checklsit. 

I am really surprised with the bookmark included inside the planner, I did not expect that. It is their first time to include a magnetic bookmark.

Of course, the stickers that I usually do not use. I do not want to waste it! It is so cute!

The coupon booklet is what makes the BDJ Planner better than the others. I cannot wait to use one coupon at a time next year!

The BDJ card is also included inside the planner. 

What are you waiting for? Go get one while it is still on sale at!

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