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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Thank goodness that I am off duty for the Healthy Skin Magazine party that I got an invite from because it is my first magazine-related event! Yay! It was held last November 21, 2015 from 3PM to 6PM at Stacy's, Bonifacio Global City. I always wanted to try to eat at Stacy's and I got my chance too by attending the event. 

Before I proceed with my great experience at the event, I just wanted to share with you my readers a background regarding Healthy Skin Magazine. The magazine is about Beauty, Wellness and Innovation that contains articles regarding latest skincare and wellness, commercially-renowned and over-the-counter products, latest trends on cosmetic and medical dermatology. Besides that, it also offers tips on fitness and nutrition. A magazine that is perfect for makeup junkie and beauty blogger like me! 

The place is chic and feminine that it really portrays the theme Beauty in Full Bloom. Arriving at the event, I first noticed the big front page poster of the magazine and the banner of "Beauty in Full Bloom" that I find really cute that I can't help having a selfie with the banner and magazine.

After the registration, I took my time taking photos around the area and have my sumptuous snacks before the event starts. The food served are both delicious and healthy and from Stacy's (Finally I was able to try it!). Look at the cupcakes, I cannot resist it!!! I am full so let us get back to the main event...Healthy Skin Magazine partnered with Skin Perfection to make the event possible. I saw skin care products displayed around the area and that beauty product is Skin Perfection - a brand from United States that offers skin care products composed of Basic and Intensive treatment programs. They offer effective and sustainable solution to correct various-skin problems including acne inflammation, hyper-pigmentation and aging skin associated with loss of elasticity. Besides their skin care products they also have facial treatments that are famously being used on some dermatological clinics in Metro Manila. 

I am so happy to see other bloggers specially Ms. Shen. I was not able to take photos with my friend Glenda of

With Shen of

The talk started Ms. Jenny Bonto - Associate Publisher of Healthy Skin Magazine, is called to welcome the bloggers on the party. Ms. Bonto talked about what the magazine's purpose to share to all the readers the beauty of healthy living and staying natural without the need for invasive treatments or procedures. 

Ms. Kim Ferrer - Online Editor of Healthy Skin Magazine and host for the event.

Ms. Jenny Bonto - Associate Publisher of Healthy Skin Magazine

After Ms. Bonto's opening remarks, Dr. Claudia Samonte is called to share her expertise on skin care as well as an open forums for us bloggers to ask our ultimate beauty questions. I learned a lot of tips from Dr. Samonte and I was enlightened on some beauty regimen that I usually do that is not good for my skin. She discussed quite a lot of topics that are considered an everyday problem by most of us, like acne, bald hair spots, eye bags, dark circles under the eyes, stretchmarks and even the cons of using herbal products that are not scientifically tested and prepared! All the information that I got are very helpful for me or rather I can relate to almost all of it.

She also discussed and presented a real-life testimony of patient's experience with a certain skincare product, treatment or innovation. There are photos of documented changes and progress in patient's skin condition. Socio-cultural and pyschological concepts related to beauty and skincare were also mentioned. 

Dr. Claudia Samonte - Dermatology Section Head, Aesthetic Concepts Samonte Clinic

After a short and refreshing knowledge from Dr. Samonte, the Skin Perfection was now given a chance to share their great products to us. I already noticed their skincare items when I strolled inside the event. 

Shameless Selfie with Skin Perfection's Products!

Skin Perfection Products

Skin Perfection products have Cleansers, Serums, Mists, Masks, Essences, Moisturizers and it should be used partners but a dermatologist should choose for you. Why? Because skin care differs from one person to the other. One may be effective for me but not for others and vice versa. So before you buy a skin care product, make sure it is also prescribed by your dermatologist.

Dermatology clinics and spas can be found all over Metro Manila. There are hundreds of options we can choose from and Skin Perfection helped us discover services and products from their brand. 

Ms. Grace Garcia-Cruzat discussed the facial treatment that is non-invasive by Skin Perfection, using their products. The facial treatment demonstrated is one of their best sellers, the Oxygen Facial Treatment. 

Ms. Grace Garcia-Cruzat - Training Consultant of Skin Perfection Philippines

Demonstration of Oxygen Facial Treatment

The Oxygen Peptide Facial is a relaxing and results-oriented facial treatment which forms its basis on the revolutionary peptide skin care research, providing a turnkey solution for oil control and acne inflammation, hyperpigmentations as well as anti-aging. They use non-chemically derived formulas from specific skin type serums which is infused with stabilized oxygen to promote cellular growth and repair. 

The Oxygen Facial Treatment looks invigorating and I want to try it right away. Thanks to Healthy Skin Magazine and Skin Perfection's goodie bag because I got a gift certificate for one Oxygen Facial Treatment. Not only that, I also got a trial kit of their products yay! Also, I got two back issues of Healthy Skin Magazine, a very cute mirror, an 8gig USB storage and sunflower seeds! Okay, I hoarded two packs of sunflower seeds, I will try to grow it but I do not have a green thumb, I hope I can grow it. (Crossing fingers!)

Cute packaging of Sunflower Seeds

For the Oxygen Facial Treatment and Trial Kit, I will post a separate review of experience. Please have the patience while I still use it for trial and testing. :)

That's all everyone. I hope I can provide the reviews asap. Thank you again Healthy Skin Magazine and Skin Perfection!

To know more about the magazine, you can buy it for only 120php on most Derma Centers or download the App Buqo. You can also follow them on Facebook (Healthy Skin) and Instagram (healthyskinph). For Skin Perfection, you can follow them on Facebook (Skin Perfection) and Instagram (skinperfectionphilippines). 

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