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Sunday, November 22, 2015


Another pre-loved blush from a friend. The Tweed Corail blush that I have is a refill pan that can be transferred on a palette or your Chanel compact. The blush looks so fab with its Tweed pattern. It has a glittery overspray but I already overused my you cannot appreciate it on my photos now.

It is my first Tweed Duo Blush from Chanel. I am happy with it because it is called Duo Blush because it can work both as a blush and a highlighter. I can play around with it depending on my mood for the day. Now, let us look into more detailed review.

Brand: Chanel

Type: Tweed Duo Blush

Shade: Tweed Corail

Edition: I am not yet sure if it is permanent because I do not see it on Chanel's website now.

Weight: Not indicated

Product Description: (From Chanel)  Mademoiselle’s legendary tweed now comes in a refined blush for lovely sheer makeup. This duo of shades, sprinkled with golden or silver pearly pigments, is delicately woven to reveal the softness of the powder. Its soft and airy long-wear texture ensures easy application. Slightly sheer, satiny and ultra-soft, LES TISSAGES de CHANEL lightly drapes the face in radiance and helps sculpt it by creating a subtle interplay of shadow and light.

Ingredients: Not indicated


The blush is a peachy shade that it looks more natural when worn. The texture of the powder is smooth and I am satisfied with the feel of it because it does not feel heavy nor sticky. 

Lasts for a few hours, at least 2 to 3 hours. 


The color is too sheer that I have to build it up until I can see myself having more color than ghostly pale. It looked too light for my skin tone (NC15-20) that I really have to put an effort to make it more visible. I used it on my friend who has a lighter skin tone, it worked well on her for a few layers of the blush. I now prefer to use it as a highlighter specially with its subtle glittery shine than use it as a blush.


Buy again? 50% (I might try other shades instead.)

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: $45

Where to buy? I am not sure if it is still available on Chanel counters. 

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