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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I see many bloggers and females gushing about this new Tangle Teezer Brush but I really find it expensive. Luckily, when I first tried shopping at Beautymnl, the Tangle Teezer is on sale. I knew it is my chance to try it! I immediately added one to my cart.

I chose the brush, The Original because it can be used both for wet and dry. It is designed for color-treated hair that is why I chose it. My hair is always colored. 

To give you a background, Tangle Teezer originated from Great Britain and was invented by Shaun P. He invented the Tangle Teezer because for him, tangles were not just a salon problem. He put an effort to search for an effective detangling brush - a brush that looks and feels different so that we will not have an excuse for a bad hair days. As quoted by him, "Go on, change your hairbrush, not your lifestyle."

There are different kinds of Tangle Teezer and I chose their first product because it is their basic detangling brush. I am not sure which one is the correct brush for me so I played safe by choosing this.

Product Description: The Original Detangling Brush is ideal for all types of hair. It can be used on wet and dry hair without pulling or yanking. Tangle Teezer boasts a revolutionary teeth formation that delivers speedy and gentle results. Helps minimize hair breakage caused by mistreatment when detangling. Promotes healthy looking hair by noticeably increasing shine, leaving it looking silky smooth after styling.

How To Use: (From Beautymnl's website) Hold the brush firmly. Focus on gently detangling hair ends first before moving upwards and going through hair from roots to tips.

Parts and Uses of the Tangle Teezer Brush:


My hair looked smoother and it has more shine. My hair breakage and fall lessened compared to my regular brush or comb. It feels good to brush it through my hair and scalp, the bristles are soft and thin. I can use this brush both on wet and dry hair. The strands of my hair became more fine and tamed. (Look at my before and after photos below)

The brush is lightweight and yet I can grasp it firmly. They offer many colors and styles that can fit your personality.


For me, it is expensive for a brush. If the product is not on sale, I will be hesitant to try it. Although, now that I tried it, I understood why it was expensive because it was made with quality and it is effective. The brush cannot be used with heat maybe because it is made from plastic-like materials.

Buy again? 90%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 900php (I got it for only 486php at Beautymnl, hurry while it is on sale!)

Where to buy? www.beautymnl.com

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