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Friday, September 4, 2015


I am always intrigued on how other people do their eyebrows with a use of eye shadow or eyebrow powder. Its one thing I am never good at. I cannot seem to create my eyebrows right when I use a powder that is why I stick to using eyebrow mascaras.

Last week though, I saw a post from Get Lei'd's Instagram account that they now have a two in one product called Double Dare. I cannot resist it and I immediately ordered one while it is still on introductory price. 

The Double Dare consists two items namely the eyebrow powder and the black eyeliner gel. The set also came with a double-sided brush.

Two-In-One Jar

The Eyebrow Powder

The Black Gel Liner

I already want to share with you my reviews even though I am still practicing on how to apply it correctly. 

The eyebrow powder is a natural brown shade that it can be used by anyone without worrying if it will match the color of your hair. The eyebrow powder is matte and it is totally new to me because most of the eyebrow mascaras that I use are shimmery. This lasts long, my eyebrows survived my whole day at work.

For the gel liner, I am amazed on how opaque the shade of black and it is matte as well. The texture is smooth and creamy. The gel liner can be smudged to create a smoky look however since it can be smudged, I also experienced a little problem of frequent removal of excess smudges under my eyes and lids. 

There is no weight and ingredients indicated on the packaging.

Double Sided Brush Included:


I wish I could do it right soon. On these photos, I used the gel liner as an eye liner and I did not smudge it for a smoky look. The color of the liner is intense and I love it. For my brows, it filled the gap spaces between my eyebrow hairs and still look natural.

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5 

Price: 460php (It is free shipping from Get Lei'd Store, I think it is the introductory price and the promo is until September 8, 2015 so if you plan to purchase one, do it before the promo ends.)

Where to buy? Follow Get Lei'd on Instagram and you can also send her a message at 09985406200

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