A Radiant Celebration: Get Glowing With Jergens Skincare Fair

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Get Glowing With Jergens Skincare Fair

I was invited by Jergens Vibelle to attend their Skincare Fair this September 5, 2015 located at Gateway Activity Center Level 1. To say that I am so excited to be there is an understatement. 

Jergens and Araneta Center prepared a lot of fun activities for all of us. From typography classes to on-site pictorials and one-on-one skin care consultations. It is really an event aimed to help ladies achieve and maintain a healthy, glowing skin all over. 

On September 5, 2015, college students from all over the mertro and beauty bloggers came to Araneta Center Gateway Mall for the Jergens Ger Glowing Skincare Fair. 

The first activity that I joined is the typography class taught by artist, Coy Cordova. I gained a new experience and feels like an artist (feels like lol) to be doing this hard brush strokes of words like Jergens and my name in calligraphy. 

Famous bloggers beside me are so into it too! 

The one-on-one skincare consultation is done by an expert and it is helpful for those who are not familiar with their skin type. Products are recommended on what is great for their skin. Not only that, do's and don'ts of skin care are given and guests are treated for sample for recommended Jergens variants by the skin care expert. Different types of food is also shared on what everyday meals you can eat to achieve a healthy glowing skin. 

Skincare Consultation Area

The on-site pictorial will make you feel like a model and celebrity as it is complete with the set-up of lights and backdrops as well as props. There are roaming photographers that can capture your photo. Look how Kaycee (www.kikaysikat.com) and I had fun taking photos on the studio. 

With Kaycee Enerva of www.kikaysikat.com

One of the highlights of the event was the Beauty and Fashion Talk with MYX VJ Ai Dela Cruz, PBA Courtside reporter Mara Aquino and Yogi Erika Padilla. They shared their beauty tips and fashion style advice at the Jergens Skincare Fair. 

As adviced from Ms. Erika and Ms. Mara, taking care of our skin is also an investment for us. It will benefit our body in many ways and when I got home that day, I started applying Jergens lotion on my body for a healthier and glowing skin. 

Ms. Ai Dela Cruz, Ms. Erika Padilla and Ms. Mara Aquino

I am so honored to be able to chat with them as they are both approachable and fun to converse with. I was able to chat with Ms. Mara for Kikay Tips and fitness tips from Ms. Erika Padilla. 

With Ms. Mara Aquino, PBA Courtside Reporter

With Ms. Erika Padilla, PBA Courtside Reporter, Filipina Actress and Yogi

Of course, while the talks are ongoing, there is a unlimited refreshment bar that I really enjoyed. There are many varieties but my favorite is the Aloe Juice and Cherry Almond. Also, healthy snacks are served.

Cherry Almond and Lemon Orange Water

Aloe Juice

Coconut Water

Healthy Snack

Of course, the main highlight of the fair was the release of the newest member of Jergens moisturizers. Ms. Kacey Pamintuan, the brand officer of Jergens introduced us to the new variant. I am lucky enough to be privileged to try it first hand.

Ms. Kacey Pamintuan, Jergens Brand Officer

The new Jergens variant is the Hydrating Coconut Lotion. It smells like coconut, the scent is not overpowering and the moisturizer's texture is light. It is not as thick and creamy like the other variants. 

The Hydrating Coconut Lotions is infused with coconut oil and coconut water that makes skin supple and luminous. 

I enjoyed a lot from this eventful day. I learned some basic typography skills, learned new tips and styles both for fashion and skincare. In the end, I realized that with ample exercise, healthy diet, sound skin regimen and a positive outlook in life, with Jergens I can achieve a healthy, glowing skin. 

Thank you so much Jergens, Araneta Center, Vibelle Distribution and Digify Corporation for imparting this very helpful and fun event to all the ladies. I hope many experienced this free consultations and typography lessons. I hope that there will be more Get Glowing with Jergens Skincare Fair.

Also, thank you again Jergens for giving out samples for us to indulge with as well as some Jergens merchandise! I will share my experience with the new variants, Hydrating Coconut Lotion soon! For my other Jergens reviews, you can read it here. :)

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