BYS Celebrates 3 Glam Years: Bigger, Bolder and Brighter

Monday, September 28, 2015


I feel honored and lucky to be able to get an invite from Glamourbox for the celebration of BYS Cosmetics as they turn three this year. The gathering was a formal event held at One Esplanade, Pasay City last September 19, 2015. 

It is my first time to attend a beauty event this big and formal. Telling you that I am really excited about it is an understatement. The last time that I went to One Esplanade is for my bestfriend's wedding reception. Going there alone is quite a problem for me but I thank God for Uber because going there is now easy and worry free. 

I arrived quite in time for the evening. There are already a lot of people and lights were coruscating from the inside. The lively music can also be heard as I stepped out from the car.

Going inside the event, I walked on a red carpet and I am so excited to get inside the party! At the registration area, there are tables reserved for bloggers and I had my picture taken by their official photographer at the red carpet area.

The table I am in is near the center and just a table away from the stage so I knew I will be able to get a good shots of photos later. 

BYS is a brand form Australia that is now being famously used in the Philippines. BYS means Be Your Self. They just turned 3 since they were invented and they celebrate it with us. They create cosmetics that you can think about and they have a wide choices of products you can choose from. They produce exceptionally good cosmetics in an affordable price and what is more important is that they do not test it in animals. BYS is founded by Mr. Ed Aitken who is also present at the evening of celebration. I am excited to see the man behind BYS Cosmetics!

Of course while I was waiting for the night to start, I just had to take my selfie at the event. Also, I am seated beside Ms. Gretchen of and the one who invited me from Glamourbox guests. This is the second time I was seated next to her, the first time was back in Maybelline's Launch of White Super Fresh. I am really grateful for the invite, thank you Glamourbox and Gretchen!

With Ms. Gretchen of

While waiting for the event to start, the video made by BYS with their new brand ambassador Ms. Arnee Hidalgo played on the screen on stage. The song is nice and the dance steps are cute, I want to dance along with them. Watch the video below as I attached it from Youtube. 

Video not mine. Video Courtesy of You, Me and Joe

Finally, the night started as hosts Franco Mabanta and Nicole Asensio greeted us for the night. Both hosts congratulated BYS for their success in 3 years and that BYS prepared a lot of fun entertainment for the night.

The first part of the party of the night started was BYS getting BIGGER.

Mr. Franco Mabanta and Ms. Nicole Asensio

Ms. Natasha Monks, the Trade Commissioner for the Philippines and Micronesia Australian Trade Commission welcomed the night for the guests and she shared their gratefulness for Filipinos loving their products.

Ms. Natasha Monks

After Ms. Natasha Monks bid her welcome, Ms. Arnee Hidalgo performed live the BYS song. Then she sang more songs for us.

Ms. Arnee Hidalgo

Followed Ms. Arnee's performance, Mr. Jacob Benedicto also performed some songs for the night.

Mr. Jacob Benedicto

Mr. Guji Lorenzana performed next to Mr. Jacob Benedicto. 

Mr. Guji Lorenzana

Mr. Jeffrey Hidalgo, Ms. Arnee's brother, performed next and it is nice to see him since in person because he is a known song writer, singer and the director of the new movie, Silong.

Mr. Jeffrey Hidalgo

I am surprised when after the solo performances, the four of them performed live on stage. Imagine watching four great artists combined talents in a performance for the BYS 3 Years Celebration.

After the three artists performed, Mr. Robert Sun, Watson's General Manager was called to the stage to give his speech. Mr. Robert Sun is happy to be the main distributor of BYS Cosmetics in the Philippines. So if you want to try BYS, just head on to any Watson's store or SM Department Store. 

Mr. Robert Sun

For the second part of the evening, Ms. Nicole Asensio surprised us when she came to the stage looking so sexy and fierce. I knew that we are now on the second theme of the night with BYS getting BOLDER. She sang her original, Leader For A Day and some revivals. I have a video of her singing the Leader For A Day below.

Ms. Nicole Asensio

Ms. Arnee Hidalgo and Ms. Nicole Asensio

After Ms. Arnee Hidalgo and Ms. Nicole Asensio's duet, Mr. Tony Chua - the official distributor of BYS Cosmetics gave his speech for the night. He happily shared that they brought BYS to Philippines last 2012.

Mr. Tony Chua, iFace Inc. President

After Mr. Tony Chua gave his speech he called Mr. Ed Aitken to the stage. The speech I am waiting for, the man behind BYS Cosmetics! Mr. Aitken is proud to announce that BYS now available in 140 SM Stores and Watsons Outlets nationwide. With this, BYS will continue to grow and set new trends to grow bigger, bolder and brighter in the future. He also shared that BYS Nude 3 will be coming before this year ends. Now I am excited to have that new palette!

Mr. Ed Aitken, BYS Founder

After Mr. Aitken's speech, Sammy of The Voice Philippines performed on stage. He is so cute and adorable. He made the night groove with his dance moves and upbeat song. Very talented kid.


After his performance, he and Ms. Hidalgo performed a duet of Flashlight. Watch my copy of video below, sorry shaky hands though. :)

Sammy and Ms. Arnee Hidalgo

Even though I am already enjoying the night, all parties had to end and BYS ended it with a toast on stage.

Even though the main event is done, the party is still on and the bar is still open for the night.  I am surprised also to get a souvenir from the event of a pouch full of BYS Cosmetics! The night becomes more perfect. I only opened my pouch when I got home and I am so happy. It is a complete set of makeups! I cannot wait to review all of it. 

I am in awe of the shoe included. I am so curious since it is slightly heavy and I am surprised that when I opened it, it is a perfume. A good smelling one too. Thank you so much BYS for making the night memorable and fun! Again, thank you to Glamourbox for the invite.

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