Nivea Hoarding!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nivea Hoarding: Come Closer

If you can remember, last May 2015 Nivea had their biggest sale ever with the theme Come Closer. It is wherein they sold all the kinds of their products in Buy 1 Take 1 in all their stores or stalls nationwide. 

I am not a user of their body creams and unfortunately all the Facial Wipes from Nivea that I used are out of stock in all the branches that I went too. So the only products that I was able to hoard are the deodorants both for men and women. I think this stock will last for more than two years...LOL. It is a good things that the items that they sold are still far from expiration. 

They also had a contest that I was not able to join but still I did not let this opportunity pass. Did you hoard Nivea items too last May? :)

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