Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet: 34 La Raffinee

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Before I kept wondering about when will I get to have my own Chanel Lipstick, now I am so happy that my boyfriend surprised me with lipsticks for our 10 years anniversary. He got me my Chanel lipsticks and MAC lipstick for my collection. He knew I always wanted to collect these precious babies. 

The Chanel Lipsticks that I got is Rouge Allure Velvet which is the matte collection of Chanel. I prefer wearing matte lipsticks and again I am so happy to have it in matte too!

Just looking at its packaging is making me high. It is so chic and classy. It is kind of heavy compared to other remarkable lipsticks making it more sturdy. At first, I do not know how to open it but I just have to press one end and the lipstick holder will pop out. It is the one with the engraved Chanel logo. (Photo below)

The shade that my boyfriend got for me is the most natural shade from Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Collection, at least from the Shangri-La Rustan's Branch that he got it from. I did my research online, there are nude shades but I think it is limited edition or not available in the Philippines. The lipstick has the word Chanel engraved on it. I am afraid to use the lipstick again and again because I know that in time, the engraved word will disappear through frequent usage. 

Let me now share with you my experience with the lipstick. Yes I did use it right away because I am so excited!!! I cannot stop thanking Redgie, my boyfriend for this wonderful gift! He just upgraded my lipstick collection! I feel like I am going to have a new addiction.

Brand: Chanel

Type: Rouge Allure Velvet (Luminous Matte Lip Colour)

Shade: 34 La Raffinee

Weight: 3.5g (It weighs heavier than MAC)

Product Description: (From Chanel website) A lipstick as soft and comfortable as velvet. An alternative to shine that dresses lips in deep colours. A real second-skin effect. Result: A matte yet luminous finish from the very first stroke. The paradox of a matte yet luminous and ultra-comfortable texture: 
> Ultra-thin, pure and highly concentrated pigments for intense colours.
> A combination of soft-focus microspheres and ultra-thin pearlescent particles for a matte yet luminous finish
> Silicon microbeads and a jojoba oil derivative for smoothed lips.

How To Use: (From Chanel Website) Apply directly to lips. For perfectly defined lips, wear Rouge Allure Velvet with a line of Le Crayon Levres in the same shade. Then, apply the lipstick with the brush of the pencil.


I took a photo of the lipstick sideways because it is my first time to try a lipstick this pointed and slim at the tip. Look at my photo below:


Even though that the tip is pointed and slip, I did not encounter any problems in regards to application of the lipstick. It still glides smoothly without tugging on my lips. The Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet has a very nice texture. The lipstick is matte but I can wear it with little lip moisturizer or none because my lips did not dry compared to other matte lipsticks that I am using. It did not make my lips flaky at all maybe because even though the lipstick is matte, it is still very creamy and rich.

The color is highly pigmented but still looks natural lips when worn. I can wear it both on day and nights because the shade has versatile appeal. The shade reminds me of MAC Prolong Wear Unlimited. It has this rosy shade. 

I did not need the use of lip liner because it is easy to apply and it does not feather out of the lip line too! For the lasting power, it lasted for 4-5 hours without eating or drinking that I did not need to retouch until I got home.

Coming from the French word Raffinee that means sophisticated, just its elegant packaging is enough to prove that it is indeed Raffinee.


Of course the product is very expensive. I do not think I can buy this every time that I want too. Only on those occasions that I really have an extra budget. Like for this shade, if my boyfriend did not gave me two of this lipstick shade, I will not be having any Chanel lipstick yet.

The shade does not look like matte. It has a little shine or gloss like look but not as luminous as their other lipstick line like Chanel Rouge Coco. Look at the swatches below.

The lipstick is a little drying after it is removed but can be easily remedied with lip balm. It also can be easily removed when I ate and drink and it does not leave lip stain. It builds up on some lip lines but not that noticeable. 


Buy again? 100% (Yes after I used up all of the Chanel lipsticks that I got from Redgie, I am happy to buy this shade again to re-stock. Even Redgie loves the look on me, he says that I look like I have a Porcelain Doll's lips. Thank you Honey for the nice compliment, I love the lipstick you gave me too!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1650php

Where to buy? Rustan's Department Store in Makati or Shangri-La Plaza.

To know more about Chanel, just go to their website here:

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