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Thursday, August 20, 2015

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Something That I Always Wondered

Until today, I keep on wondering if I will be more successful in life if I did not took up Nursing. Don't take it bad, I am proud that I am a nurse and it is a fulfilling job but I know that it is not a profession that I enjoy doing that if I can turn back the time, I will not take it again. I can remember that I always wanted to take a corporate job. I love doing paper works and meeting deadlines, doing creative things like arts or projects and even proposals. I always wanted the freedom of maximizing my ideas and put it into use.  I love creating things like art! It is a total opposite of my career, in my career you need to follow the protocols and policies set by the company that most of the times I secretly question inside my mind.

I always dream of owning my own business or be someone that can achieve a high position in a company. I always wanted to wear those suits or corporate dresses and walk in stilettos on the job. Now that is extreme. Anyway, if you know that movie The Devil Wears Prada, it is my favorite with a million reasons why. If you watched it, the line "many girls will kill for that job" used many times on the movie, I believe I am one of those girls. It is a job never wanted by Anne Hathaway in the movie. If I took the course related for that job, I know I will give my best shot. I am very competitive when I wanted something. I wanted to work in a beauty or fashion industry related job. Besides that here is a lot of reasons that keeps me feeling contained in my career:

  •  I always wanted to go to work everyday in a different creative look day by day whether on my clothes or makeup and I cannot do that as a Nurse because we wear plain white uniforms. 
  • I cannot even paint my nails and keep it long. Your nails should be short because you always handle patients.
  • I am not allowed color my hair in a shade that it not a natural color. Imagine taking care of other people and your hair is red. LOL.
  • One reason I keep my hair short, I do not want it always tied and in bun. Long hairs should be tied and inside a net
  • Extravagant jewelries are not allowed. I am allowed to wear small studded earrings only and a watch and wedding ring if you are married.
  • Using cellular phones on duty and posting on your social media about your job is prohibited. I understand about posting about your job, however using cellular phones is quite a different reason. It is a necessity nowadays. Of course, you will just use it to check it from time to time but it is not really allowed in our nature of work. Your phones should be stored on lockers before entering the hospital premises. 
  • I cannot control my schedule. I work with a lot of overtime that you are not allowed to refuse. 
  • For a stressful job, you are underpaid with little benefits.
Anyway, I took up Nursing because it is a high paying job if you will go abroad and it is what my parents wanted for me before because it has always been a plan to migrate at US where my mother and sisters now live. 

I know that Nursing is a career that I still excel because I wanted too. I think anyone who wanted to excel even though they do not love their careers can do that but if someone will ask me if I am happy, I cannot answer no neither yes. Seeing your patients healed and appreciate you is a feeling that can never surpass any other. Like I said, it is a very fulfilling job. Knowing that you can save a person's life just by taking care of them, knowing that you can extract a blood from someone and being able to hit their veins perfectly for intravenous therapy makes me feel like a super hero. Doing procedures that only medical field people will ever know, running around and standing on your feet on long hours, doing advanced life support procedures...to other people they see that I have a kick-ass job. 

It certainly has a lot of benefits and goodness. However, I just know that it is not the job that I plan to do forever. I cannot help but think on what my future will be or should I take this chance to try what I wanted instead. Will I be successful in that area? Or should I just suck it up and continue on what I already started. This is how blogging helps me a lot right now, in a way I have a temporary outlet of the other side of me. The side that I am passionate.

Do you have wonders too like mine? Feel free to share it below. :)

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