224/365: Review A Movie - Attack On Titan

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I am brave to say that I am very disappointed on this movie. The plot is a whole lot different from the Anime or Manga. It was just like they copied the concept of the original story and the major characters then made a new story from it. Now, the movie is totally ruined for me. It sucks! I was expecting that they really copied the story.

What made it different? Let me give it to you point by point from the start of the movie.

The anime/manga is set in time even before technology and electricity was invented. So how come there are bombs and helicopters on the movie? They do not even have tanks or cars on the anime/manga as they only use carts and horses.

Most of the characters on the Anime are foreign people and they all converted them into Japanese for the movie and gave a Japanese name for each character. Like Armin and Eren, they are not Japanese. Mikasa is really Asian in the story.

The setting is also clean on the original story and the people are civilized and well groomed, how come on the movie they all look dirty?!

There are major characters missing like Erwin, Annie, Ymir and Historia and so much more! Then they created characters that is not in the manga/anime. Like the girl who likes Eren and the guy with an axe. They do not exist in the original story.

Based on Anime and Manga, Eren, Mikasa and Armin were all children when Colossus broke the wall. In the movie they are all grown up. After the wall was broken on the Anime, Eren and Mikasa got separated from Armin and they took off into their home. That is where Eren's mother died, she got eaten by a Titan. In the movie, Eren said that his parents are dead since he was a kid. That is not true, his mother died when the wall was broken and his father still has a role on why he became a Titan.

In anime/manga, Mikasa and Eren live together because Mikasa was adopted by Eren's parents when her parents were murdered. They are already close as kids and Mikasa loves Eren. In the real story, Mikasa has a very strong personality and does not have any issues unlike in the movie.

The scene with the baby and Eren leaving Mikasa alone does not exist at all on the original story. In the real story, they both escaped by the help of Mr. Hobbs. The two of them became orphan and they are refugees in the inner wall until they are old enough to join Military. 

The Survey Corps Regiment already exists in the anime even before the major characters were born on the story. That is Eren's dream job. In the movie, the Survey Corps is just a new regiment that they feel required to join. In the anime, Erwin is the head of the Survey Corps and Hanji is his second command, the character of Hanji in anime/manga is wicked and confident, on the movie she looks clumsy.

Most of all, what the heck did they do to Captain Levi's (Captain Shikishima) character?! Major point here, Mikasa was not separated from Eren in the first place so no babies and scene of Mikasa almost eaten by Titan. So there is no relationship between Mikasa and Levi for even a chance to be together. In the anime, Levi and Mikasa first tandem in battle is when they are trying to save Eren from a Titan. (Video below) In the latest manga, it was revealed that Mikasa and Levi are cousins. 

I am getting angry just remembering the scene from the movie of the apple eating between Levi and Mikasa. They made Levi look like an old geezer and in the anime he is the coolest character - Humanity's Strongest. He is my favorite character. He is linked to have a love interest to Petra, a member of his squad although it was not proven.

Watch how strong Levi is. This scene is after he discovered that his squad is dead.

They got it right on how Eren transformed into Titan after he saved Armin. 

Anyway, the whole movie is wasted and I suggest everyone to read the manga or watch the anime instead so you will not be confused. 

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