Product Review: Zenutrients Argan Skin Salve-ation

Friday, July 3, 2015


I love products made by Zenutrients and I saw this sample at Sample Room and I got one right away! This Argan based salve is an all around product. Argan is now famous for the benefits it gives on hair and skin. It is rich in vitamins specially in Vitamin E that gives skin its moisture and youthful glow. Argan also soothes inflammation and irritation on skin. It just simply benefits both hair and skin. 

Brand: Zenutrients

Type: Skin Salve with Argan

Weight: 50g (Full size is 100g)

Product Description: Use as a deep cleanser by massaging onto skin, then wipe with warm cloth, can remove stubborn makeup and wipe away with tissue. Leave on as post-cleanse as a 30 minute (or overnight) moisture mask, apply as a moisturizing balm extra-dry neck, hands and feet. Use as a hair treatment and apply in bath, leaving it for 5 minutes before washing. Apply as a lip conditioner. Dab under eye as an eye cream. Apply to tips and toes to soften cuticles. Use to quench skin post-sunburn; safe for babies too.

(From Sample Room) 

The Argan Skin Salve-ation is an all around, multi-use salve that can be used from head to toe. It’s a unique blend of Argan & Sunflower oils, lavender and chamomile essential oils that can clean, sooth and moisturize skin and hair.

Suggested uses:
As a deep cleanser: massage onto skin, then wipe with a warm cloth, wash face
As a makeup remover: apply & wipe away with tissue or cloth
As a mask: Leave on post-cleanse as a 30 minute (or overnight) moisture mask, remove with warm washcloth
As a dry skin balm: apply to neck, hands & feet or to dry spots
As a hair treatment: apply in bath, leaving it for 5 minutes before washing
To tame frizzy ends: apply a small amount onto damp or dry hair
As a lip conditioner: apply to lips as often as needed
As an eye salve: dab under eyes every evening (or even twice a day)
Apply to tips & toes to soften cuticles
Use to quench skin post-sunburn
Apply onto psoriasis dry spots
Even for babies! Good for diaper rash

How to Use and Ingredients:

> Organic!
> Multipurpose use product
> Contains mainly of Argan Oil
> It has a manufactured date and expiration date
> Smells light and good like a shampoo
> Feels thick and greasy upon application but once absorbed, the moisture remains without the greasiness
> I used it on my sister who has eczema and her skin did not react harshly on the product. My sister sensitively reacts to most of the products for skin and hair and this worked on her. 
> I used it on my elbows and knees - the place my skin is driest. Even after I washed it off of my skin with soap and scrub the next day, the moisture and softness on my elbows and knees remained. It is now actually softer and smoother than the skin on my arms.
> I tried using it as a makeup remover, it effectively removed my makeup effortlessly and it maintained the hydration from my skin
> One jar will last a long time, it is so rich that one swipe of a finger can cover a wide patch on skin

> I used it on my hair and it go t really greasy so I suggest you only use this on your hair at night before sleep
> When the jar is exposed to warm environment, the wax melts and sometimes leaks out of the jar
> I wish that the jar for full size is only 50g, the 100g is a bit expensive and too big for a regular use. Specially that I mostly used it just for my elbows.

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 699php for full size jar

Where to buy? Any Zenutrients outlets, check the nearest branch to you by going to the link here.

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