Product Review: Pantene PRO-V Leave-On Treatment

Thursday, July 2, 2015


I am not a fan of leave-on treatments because most of the time it makes my hair oily for the day and I do not want that. I prefer my hair dry or at least hydrated but not greasy.

From my Saladbox, together with the Pantene BB Cream that I reviewed (review post here) comes this Pantene Leave-On Treatment. I just wanted to try it like the Pantene BB Cream so let me now share with you my thoughts.

Brand: Pantene

Type: Pro-V Leave-On Treatment (Hair Strength Tonic)

Weight: 95ml

Product Description: Makes her stronger for up to 98% less hair fall. Vitamin B3 Infused Pro-V Formula. 


How To Use:

> It is not greasy on hair at all!!! I love it. The leave-on tonic is just like water.
> My hair is soft and manageable after use (Check out my photo below the swatch)
> The frizz of my hair decreased
> Feeling the hair become smooth, I am not addicted in spraying the tonic on my hair when it is dry. I now bring it at work with me.
> The nozzle has a cap or protection to prevent accidental sprays. (Check photo below)

> The effect of the leave-on disappears after a few hours, my estimate is it only lasted for at least 6 hours. 
> I tried using it and then took a shower after, the effect of the tonic washes off with water
> The box says that 10-15 pumps is sufficient, in my case it did not apply. My hair is thick, I used at least 20-25 pumps. This bottle will not last long.
> The shine of my hair is the same (Although it is not declared that the product will improve the shine of the hair)


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: Haven't seen one on market yet. I will edit this post once I saw it on any market.

Where to buy? Haven't seen one on market yet. I will edit this post once I saw it on any market.

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