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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Recently, there's a new local brand that came out in Sample Room. Adore Fragrances was founded last March 2013. So far they released colognes and body sprays.

Adore Fragrances are generous to give away full size samples for us at Sample Room. For only 50 points, I was able to get one cologne and because I have a thousand worth of points from my VIP membership, I was able to get all the scents available and released by Sample Room and Adore Fragrances for the colognes. The only fragrances from Adore that I was not able to test yet is their body sprays with two kinds available. I hope it will be re-stocked at Sample Room too!

I usually do not buy local colognes because I am fond of using my baby colognes like Nenuco and Denenes. Now, with the perfect opportunity from Sample Room, I am now excited to share my experience with you my readers.

What is more amazing is that this cologne is very affordable, for only 99.75php you will be able to get a 100ml bottle of Adore colognes. The bottle is in a cute packaging and lightweight so it is easy to bring for travel. The bottle is sturdy and it does not spill its contents. Interested to try Adore Fragrances, some of the scents are still available at Sample Room but it is also readily available in these stores: 

Ace Supermarket, Alturas Supermarket, Citimart Supermarket, Ever Supermarket, Gaisano Supermarket, KCC Supermarket, Landmark Dept. Store, Landmark Supermarket, LCC Dept. Store, LTS Dept. Store, LTS Supermarket, Metro Gaisano Dept. Store, Metro Gaisano Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, SM Savemore, SM Supermarket, Mart One

Let us start with my favorite scent from all six fragrances down to my least favorite.


According to Sample Room, the Flirt's scent is inspired by Gap's Heaven. Somehow this fragrance reminded me a lot of D and G Light Blue for Her than Gap when I first used it. I love the D and G Light Blue perfume and I am so happy that there is now a cologne that has a similar scent. The Flirt cologne is musky and floral scented. I feel energetic whenever I spray it. It worked like a perfume than cologne because it lasted for at least 8 hours on my clothes, I did not need to retouch a spritz on myself. If you want it strong  and noticeable however, you may need to spritz after 4 hours because it only stays on the clothes. 

Compared to all the Adore colognes, this one has the most lasting fragrance. According to my friends, they can smell it on me as I pass by and that it smells good. Since it has a musky strong scent, I think men can use it. The fragrance is not very feminine. Flirt is a good replacement to perfumes for everyday use. For the ingredients of the cologne, refer to my photo below. Will I buy this again? A 100% yes!


My second favorite from the Adore Fragrances. The scent is inspired by Joy of Pink Lacoste. It did smell like a Lacoste Perfume, specially the Pink Lacoste that I use. The scent also reminds me of some light Victoria's Secret perfumes. It is a little sweet but it is not overwhelming, the fragrance is very feminine unlike the Flirt. According from Adore Fragrances, Enchanted Spell is citrus and floral but I really cannot distinguish the difference of the scent. Enchanted Spell is refreshing like you just came out fresh from a shower. It does not last long though and it does not linger on my clothes long, I need to bring it inside my bag to spray at least every 2-3 hours. I prefer to use this at home because the scent is very light and I can spray anytime I want to. 

I am getting compliments whenever I use this Enchanted Spell it seems that it matched my body chemistry well. That would be a first since most of the time, sweet based fragrances does not work blend well with my body. For the ingredients, you can refer on the photo below. Will I buy this again? 90% yes.


My next choice among the Adore Fragrance. The scent is inspired by Desire Blue by Dunhill. I haven't tried the Desire Blue by Dunhill and I cannot remember a scent that I used that is similar to Kiss. The fragrance is fresh, marine and woody. For me it is also musky and refreshing like a summer scent and it gives an energetic vibe when used. It lasts at least 4-5 hours, it lingers a little on clothes. 

For the reference of ingredients, look at the photo below. Will I buy this again? 90% yes.


Sweet Desire is inspired by Heat Rush by Beyonce. The fragrance reminds me of Carolina Herrera VIP Rose 212. It smells musky with a little sweetness. Based from Adore Fragrances, Sweet Desire is fruity, sweet and tropical. 

I use this for everyday alternating with my Flirt, Enchanted Spell and Kiss as it feels fresh. I wish it lasts longer like the other Adore Fragrances because this lasts for only 2 to 3 hours and it does not linger on my clothes. For reference of ingredients, look at the photo below. Will I buy this scent again? 75% yes.


Red Berries is inspired by Cherry in the Air, Escada. It also smells like Incanto by Escada, it has this similar sweetness. The scent also reminds me of sweet smelling colognes or perfumes by Victoria's Secret. According from Adore though, it is sweet, fruity and powdery. The sweetness of it overpowers the other two flavors that I cannot get a hint of it. The Red Berries lasts for at least 5 hours and it does not linger on clothes.

For the list of ingredients, check the photo below. Will I buy this again? 50% because I do not particularly fancy using sweet colognes or perfumes.


The Innocent cologne is my least favorite. The scent is inspired by Hannah Montana by Disney. According to Adore Fragrances, it has fruity, floral and sweet scent however when I sprayed it and smelled it, I am overwhelmed by too much sweetness. I felt like I used and poured a pure vanilla on my body and it is making me dizzy. It is a good thing that I used it while I am at home because the scent is too strong that I changed the clothes that I am wearing. I never used it again. I gave it away to my housekeeper because she is a fan of sweet scents. 

I think because of the strong scent, it lingers long on clothes. It stayed for at least 8 hours on the shirt. For the list of ingredients, refer to the photo below. Will I buy this scent again? No.

I hope my thoughts on the Adore Fragrances will help you when you buy one. The flavors are just a matter of taste, my opinions may differ from others. That is why I tried to share with you on what kind of colognes or perfumes I am reminded with each variant. 

I think there are still a few stocks left at Sample Room. To try before you buy, sign-up at To follow updates of Adore Fragrances, you can like their Facebook page here. That's all and thank you so much for reading, have a great day! 

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