Shopping at Glamourbox: Hoarding Eye of Horus Liquid Eyeliners

Monday, June 22, 2015

Shopping at Glamourbox: Hoarding Eye of Horus Liquid Eyeliners

A friend of mine shared that there will be a sale for Eye of Horus at Glamourbox. I had been wanting to try out their liquid eye liners since I had fallen in love with their Eye Pencils. It seems that making eye makeups are their forte. 

They can be quite expensive but for me, it is worth the money. So I checked out what is on sale on the site. I was glad to see that the one I am aiming to buy is on sale. The Liquid Eye Liner of Eye of Horus is only available in Black shade and the original price is 990php. The Glamourbox's sale sells it for almost half the price, 495php. So my sister and I hoarded a bit. 

There are others on sale too, like the eye pencils. The shades on sale are Charcoal Obsidian, Serpentine Sultry, Emerald Tabula, Bronze Amulet and Scarab Sapphire. The sale is 40% off for the pencils. I already tried one eye pencil before from Eye of Horus and I love it, for the review go to the link here. Eye of Horus Mascara is also one of my favorites, for the review check the link here

To check it out and grab your own Eye of Horus Items, go to Glamourbox. Go to the sale link and check it out under the Brand, Eye Of Horus. Have fun shopping!

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