Product Review: Sailor Moon - Moon Stick Black Eye Liner

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sailor Moon: Moon Stick Black Eye Liner

Who loves Sailor Moon as much as I do? Sailor Moon is the first anime that I watched back in 1997, I think it was first aired on Channel 5 in the Philippines and it was dubbed in Tagalog. It is the first anime show that made me love watching anime series until today. Yes, Sailor Moon is definitely the instigator in my anime obsession.

Now, imagine when you love anime and makeup so much and then you learn that you can have it both in one item? Priceless! I knew I needed to have it and it is a must, it is like a collector's dream.

Sailor Moom already have cosmetic line released and still being sold today but this time they gave it more thought. For their 20 years anniversary, Bandai released a new eyeliner collection and it can only be bought on their premium stores. There was a cap added for a charm to the eyeliner. To know what I mean, watch the commercial aired in Japan below:

Japan's commercial is so cute! It is made from anime...waaahhh! I want to live in Japan!!!

The regular pens are available in black and brown shade. The eyeliner pen's case is color pink with a silhouette of Sailor Moon printed around it. The new pen contains a cap that can be removed or placed on top of the eye liner. There are two designs released, the Moon Rod and the Moon Stick. I got the Moon Stick, Sailor Moon's very first powerful weapon.

From my research, the brush is made to be ultra fine for precise application of the liquid liner and it is water proof and yet still easy to remove. 

The regular eyeliner pen and the new one is the same, the additional cap is the only difference. I am glad that the cap can also be used on regular pens just in case I used up all of the eyeliner.  

Just looking at the eyeliner with its cap on looks like a miniature version of Sailor Moon's Moon Rod. Whenever I use it, I also wanted to play with it and shout, Moon Healing Escalation! I even joked to my sister that if she wanted to have the perfect cat's eye, she should shout the magic word first.

Now, let me share with you my full review.

Brand: Bandai 

Weight: 0.4ml (I just did a research on the weight)

Shade: Black

Product Description and Ingredients: Sorry but I do not understand Japanese writings. :)

> If you love anime specially Sailor Moon, they you will be happy to own this!
> The brush tip is 0.1mm letting the user to have a precise application of the eyeliner
> Easy to remove, no need for a makeup remover
> So easy to use, it does not tug on the skin
> I do not suffer in having raccoon eyes
> The color is so rich
> There is a ball-like item inside the liner that you can shake it to mix the substance inside the pen
> Lasts long
> Smudge proof
> Water proof (Check my photo below when I tried wetting the area of the eyeliner. It did not fade. However, when I rubbed it, that is when it was removed. Remember, the eyeliner is easy to remove even without a makeup remover.)

> The brush tip is so thin that it tickles whenever I use it
> The eyeliner pen is not full of the product inside the packaging, you can easily see it when you look at the eyeliner pen over some lighting
> My sister, who easily sweats on her eyes because it is deep had a problem in slight smudging from the winged tip of the cat's eye.
> Not readily available in the Philippines - Hard to find


This is how it looks on me:

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 710php

Where to buy? I ordered it online. Ms. Clarizze Ann Pedraja


  1. I like this eyeliner most for its applicator. I always need a really fine tip when it comes to drawing, especially when creating the wing. But this easily fades/smudges for me when I get sweaty, or even just because of my oily lids. I need to make sure to use a good eye primer first before using it. At least it's affordable!

    I see this a lot around here and I think I'll buy it again (I had the other Sailormoon eyeliners before), mostly for the cap. Haha!

  2. For me it's quite expensive compared to the eye liners that I have BUT since I am a Sailormoon fan too, I feel like I need to have both of them! haha. I liked that it has a very fine tip since I wear my liners thin most of the time. I'll ask hubby if I can purchase them! Wish me luck. LOL. (^-^)

  3. Not gonna lie, I hate eyeliners that smudge but I would totally buy this just for the packaging. I wish they had a powder compact too (you know that one, right!?)

  4. Hi Ari! I don't know why I am lucky that it does not smudge on me but easily smudges to my sister when sweating. I want the Sailor Moon Rod Eyeliner that I am still lacking! :)

  5. Just give him "lambing" so he will buy for you instantly... hopefully soon. :)

  6. Hi Tellie! I think they will release the powder compact this July in Japan... :) The one that looks like Sailor Moon's brooch... I want that too but its more expensive compared to the eyeliner. I think it ranges around 1800php.


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