Bulalo Republik: My Experience + Menu

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I am not a food blogger but I just wanted to share my experiences when I try something new and share it with you my readers.

I like eating Bulalo but the best recipes of Bulalo are located in Tagaytay. My sister took me to this restaurant to eat some of our cravings. The Bulalo Republik is located at Don Alejandro Roces, Quezon City. It is just along the highway. Their food is really affordable that you can try it anytime. Look at their menu and prices below:

My sister who always eats here told me that they have the best Pinakbet so far on what she tried. Indeed, I liked the taste of the Pinakbet. 

Pinakbet 100php

Just like in Tagaytay, they have Bulalo in different kinds of recipes. We ordered the Special Bulalo with bone marrow. You can look on my photo below how big the Bone Marrow served:

Special Bulalo with Bone Marrow 400php

My boyfriend craves for Kare-Kare so we also ordered Kare-Kareng Bulalo. The Kare-Kareng Bulalo served has more meat than bone marrow. 

Kare-Kareng Bulalo 250php

They have a lot of Inihaw food that you can order, unfortunately most of them are not available when we went there. 

Barbeque, Magwheels

Besides the Pinakbet, I enjoyed eating the Pusit, its tasty and fresh.

Inihaw Na Pusit 200php

> Meals are very affordable
> Pinakbet and Inihaw na Pusit tastes really good (I think I want to order it again soon)

> I consider the Bulalo dishes average compared to recipes cooked in Tagaytay and my sister's home-cooked Bulalo but if you are craving for an instant Bulalo dishes then you can come here anytime, it can satisfy the cravings.
> Most of the dishes are not available
> No parking for cars if you are going to try it here

Will I come back? Yes, their food is affordable and tastes good. :)

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