160/365: Who I Consider My Friends

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Who I Consider My Friends

I have a lot of friends that I can consider from my work, school mates and in my blogging life but I cannot say that I am also close with them.

I am not that in touch with my school mates from high school (aside from Facebook) because they live in Laguna and I live here in Quezon City. For my friends in College, most of them have their own life and is working abroad. 

I have friends at work that I thought being together and close with them for three solid years will remain same but it is not. Being separated from them makes a whole lot of difference, specially when you are the one odd out. I expected them to at least remember to ask how was I doing when I got forcefully transferred to another area. Imagine coping alone with no one to talk to. Because I know that if the situation is reversed I would have acted differently to my friends.

At first, I am really sad about this that I even cried for at least a month but my boyfriend and sister enlightened me that friends at your work is just for work. My boyfriend told me that there should be a line in between and that I should not expect high from any of them. I learned it the hard way but I became confident. I did not seek the companionship of friends that I am missing. During my depression days, that is when I started to be active in my blogging. I re-activated my old Blogger account and started doing what I love doing best. 

I met a lot of friends who has the same passion as mine in blogging and I even got re-acquainted and been close now to a previous co-worker of mine who is also a beauty blogger. Now, we meet together at least once a month to catch up and I really appreciate our friendship. We talk about life, our work and of course beauty related stuff. I also consider my family as my close friends and my boyfriend to be the best I am closest to. I can open up anything with him. 

I realized that what my sister told me is true, "People will stay in your life if they wanted to be with you. The effort and thoughtful things will be there even if you do not do the same. If they don't want to be in your life, its their problem and it is their lost.". 

Even though I am not a fun person to be with because I do not enjoy drinking and I prefer staying at home more than going to places. I am not a fan of staying under the sun like going to beaches and I am not an adrenaline junkie who loves adventures (But I am a beauty junkie LOL). However, I know that I am a person who will always be thoughtful of others and stay loyal to those I consider my friends. I am now satisfied on my circle of friends, most of them consists my boyfriend, my family and a few people but at least I knew that I am special to them and that is really all that matters. Let us not forget that there is also God that will always be there for us and lead us to the best of life. Remember that quality of friendship is better than quantity. If you managed to get both then you are a lucky person.

I already said too much I hope my readers won't mind. I think this is the blog post that I opened up about a lot. Please excuse my rants. Have a great day!

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