150/365: Professions That Exist In Our Family Tree

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Professions That Exist In Our Family Tree

My Dad - used to be a business man then he managed his family's farm before he died.

My Mom - is a caregiver living in USA


My Eldest Sister - works in a restaurant

My Eldest Sister's Husband - is a chef

Their only daughter is still a student


My Older sister - is a housewife and sometimes does part time businesses

My Older sister's husband - is an advertising and specialist for branch openings of a skin care company

They have 3 daughters, the eldest is a flight attendant and the two younger daughters are still student.


My Older sister - is a licensed teacher that majors in English speaking and writing.

My Older sister's girlfriend - is a physical therapist living in US.


I am a nurse and my boyfriend as well. :)

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