142/365: An Experience of Failure

Friday, May 22, 2015

An Experience of Failure

I experienced my very first feeling of failure or disappointment when I tried to apply for the school of Arts in UPLB. I really wanted to go there for high school but I did not past the second exam. You see they have three set of exams, the first is the written and the second is wherein you will send a copy of your artwork. Apparently, I am not good enough and I thought at that time, I wanted to be able to improve my skill and develop it that is why I tried to enter into their school. Until now, I sometimes think what difference it will make if I did pass the last two exams. 

I think I also failed as a nurse in terms of taking care of my father. I just passed my board exam when he got sick. I am so scared to try inserting his IV and I do not even have the clinical eye yet to check if he is improving or not. Now that I am an experienced ICU nurse, I wish I could turn back time and I wish I knew how to take care of him more. 

These are not regrets but I feel that I failed in those times. I now take it as a challenge and lesson for future.

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