Silicone Egg: As A Help For Brush Cleaner

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Silicone Egg To Aid In Brush Cleaning

I enjoy going to Japan stores like Daiso, there are a lot of things you can find that you will not expect that someone really invented it to make doing tasks easier. For instance, this silicone egg that I came upon at the store. For the amount of 88php, cleaning my brushes is now better.

The silicone egg size is as big as my palm. It is lightweight and it contains a hole inside that you can fit your fingers inside to hold the egg effortlessly.

Of course, the silicone egg is not enough alone, it will just make scrubbing easier for your makeup brushes. You will still need a brush cleaner or shampoo. 

Front look of the silicone egg

The back of the silicone egg

The inside of the egg

With the use of brush cleaner (Brush cleaner from Daiso)

With the use of regular shampoo

As I said, the use of silicone egg is to make scrubbing easier. Look at my photos above, it helps in cleaning but using a brush cleaner and shampoo can still have a big difference. Do not expect it to clean your brushes with basically just water alone. 

How to use, just gently swipe your brush back and forth on the crooked areas of the silicone egg. Remember to do it gently to avoid damaging the strands of your brushes.

(I will post a separate review for the brush cleaner.)

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