104/365: Last Thing I Did That Was Stressful For Me

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Last Thing I Did That Was Stressful For Me

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The last thing that happened to me that I was so stressed over is my transfer of department from Pediatric ICU to Pedia Ward as mandated by the Nursing Service Office. For the five years that I am working for the same company, I was already rotated twice and it is really an experience that is hard to cope specially if they cannot give you a valid reason at all. Its hard to transfer from one department to other if you know that your calling is for the previous department.

I am now happy to my new area but it does not mean that I did not stressed over it before I transferred. I spent my days grumpy and crying over it just like my first rotation. I even wanted to give my resignation letter as I cannot really sleep during that time due to depression. I feel like I just wanted to die. LOL. But I took it as a challenge and I survived yet again.

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