Olay: Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


To all the five variants of Olay Body Wash that I tried, this is my least favorite. I found the scent too sweet and even though it is stated that it is a cooling body wash, its not. So let me share my full review. For my other reviews about Olay Body Wash, link here. I got this sample from Sample Room. To try before you buy, sign up at www.sampleroom.ph.

Brand: Olay

Type: Cooling White Strawberry & Mint

Weight: 400ml (Also available in 200ml)

Product Description: Olay Cooling White Strawberry and Mint Body Wash leaves you feeling refreshed and beautiful, with a freshness that outlasts your day.


> My skin felt moisturized after use, the moisture was retained for at least a few hours
> No greasiness felt throughout the day

> Fragrance is too sweet, no hint of mint on it - the strawberry over powered the whole scent
> There is no cooling effect felt on the body wash
> Leaves residue on skin. Extended washing off the body wash is needed
> I do not feel as clean as the other Olay variants that I tried
> It does not lather well, I need to add more from the bottle to achieve my targeted formation of suds

Buy again? 0% (I prefer the other variants)

Overall Rating: 2/5

Price: 199php (200 ml = 105php)

Where to buy? Any leading supermarkets and department stores

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