My 36th Sample Room Experience: Belo Sun Expert

Monday, March 16, 2015

My 36th Sample Room Experience: Belo Sun Expert

I can already feel the summer coming due to the heat we feel nowadays. Its a good thing that Sample Room and Belo are prepared ahead of us as they now offer full size samples at Sample Room. 

I managed to get these three because I already own a Belo Transparent Mist (which I really love), my full review for the Belo Transparent Mist link here.

I am just sad that I was not able to get the umbrella. Originally, I want to get the umbrella instead of the SPF40 Face Cream because I already tried that but my points are lacking to get the umbrella. I love the color of the umbrella, its my favorite shade, Pink! I wish that there will be a restock so I can avail it! :)

For the link of my full review about the SPF 40 Face Sunscreen, check the link here.

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