75/365: Collage of Pictures From My Day

Monday, March 16, 2015

Collage of Pictures From My Day

Early in the morning, my boyfriend and I went to Smart to apply for a new phone line, I really got pissed with how Globe Telecom treats their loyal subscribers so we decided to switch lines. After that, we just ate and went to work.

I am so sorry because I cannot post a photo from my work at the hospital but imagine me receiving endorsement then making rounds for my 2PM shift.

After that, I pretty much just routinely checked the charts, made nurse's notes, answered call buzzers, discharged and admitted patients and more random stuff. After my shift, I just endorsed around past 10PM to the next charge nurse on duty. 

Is it boring? LOL. Still, it may sound easy but it is very tiring but I still love my job.

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