Cordlife: Newly Upgraded Stem Cell Facility Now Launched For Filipino Families

Monday, March 2, 2015

Cordlife: Newly Upgraded Stem Cell Facility Now Launched For Filipino Families

The Cordlife is now readily available in the Philippines with the first newly upgraded facilities as it now features isolated processing rooms for cord blood and cord lining. The newly upgraded facility is designed with cryogenic storage with a large capacity up to 30,000 units of cord blood or cord lining units.

Cordlife Medical Philippines Incorporated is a fully owned subsidiary of Cordlife Group Limited that focuses and caters to the mother and child related processes. The newly upgraded facility is located at UP-Ayaland Technohub in Quezon City. Due to the growth in number of parents valuing the storage of their baby's stems cells here in the Philippines, the company expanded in less than 5 years since they opened in the country.

Last November 18, 2014 in Crowne Plaza in Ortigas, DJ Delamar Arias hosted the launch together with celebrity mothers, actress and beauty queen, Lara Quigaman and journalist, Nina Corpuz. They all shared their personal experiences in supporting the Cordlife. The event was also attended by Cordlife Group CEO Jeremy Yee and Cordlife Philippines Director, Dr. Arvin Faundo and by Cordlife Philippines Director Michael Arnonobal.

The Cordlife addressed the five essentials of their services which includes security, expertise, investment, bond and the value for life. Being able to accommodate up to 30,000 cord blood and cord lining units gives the Philippines a greater chance in realizing the importance of stem cell facility as it can now offer bigger opportunities. More parents can now enjoy a sense of SECURITY when they bank their baby's stem cells at Cordlife's state-of-the-art processing and cryopreservation laboratory. 

Parents will feel more at ease knowing that their child's stem cells are properly stored and can withstand fire and earthquakes up to magnitude 8. Furthermore, the vapour-phased liquid nitrogen cryogenic tanks used to preserve the cord blood and cord lining samples are not dependent on electricity, making them 100% safe and reliable in case of power outages.

Cordlife is proven to be the largest network of cord blood banks in Asia and they are top in releasing of cord blood for cell transplant and in adherence to the standards of American Association of Blood Banks. Cordlife Philippines is also the country's first and only ISO 9001"2008 and Department of  Health-registered cord blood and cord lining bank.

“With over 13 years of experience in the industry and as a mainboard-listed healthcare company on the Singapore Exchange, we are in the position to provide long-haul high quality stem cell banking service to parents in the Philippines,” says Jeremy Yee.

In addition to cord blood banking, Cordlife Philippines also offers cord tissue banking service, launched last year. “While cord blood is a rich source of hematopoietic stem cells used to treat blood disorders, cord tissue is a rich source of mesenchymal and epithelial stem cells, both of which are now under extensive clinical study for regenerative medicine and a host of other applications such as stroke, myocardial infarction and diabetes treatment,” according to Dr. Arvin Faundo. “Stem cell therapy is indeed one of the brightest spots in the future of medicine, and families can start investing on this future today with Cordlife,” he adds.

Cordlife emphasized once more their commitment to provide more value for life by being a steadfast partner to parents who wish to bank their baby’s stem cells because of their proven ability to treat Leukemia, Thallasemia and other types of cancers2. “I actively tried to develop our parenting IQ, from how to change a diaper to knowing the many diseases that could threaten my baby’s future. I still remember the sense of relief having found out that we could provide him biological insurance through stem cell banking,” saying Lara Quigaman.

Like what I said from my previous posts, the bond between a mother and baby through the connection in the cord is more than a bond when you preserve the blood found in the cord. Storing the blood and its lining can help your child in the future. Partnerships are forged with trusted hospitals and research institutes like Duke Medicin researc, adding more value to this special motehr and child bond.

All these essentials are available to parents as a practical investment for their child’s health. “To help the most number of Filipino families access this important service, Cordlife offers cord blood/cord lining banking for as low as P8,000 per year, and offers flexible payment schemes that are within reach of most families,” says Michael Arnonobal.


Cordlife Philippines was officially launched in February 2010 as Philippines’ first and only cord blood processing and cryopreservation facility to better serve the cord blood banking needs of the local market. Registered with the Department of Health, the ISO-certified facility was built in accordance to global gold standards such as the American Association of Blood Banks to give local families peace of mind. In 2013, the Company launched the country’s first and only cord lining banking service, using CellOptima™, a patented technology invented in Singapore that can isolate and expand two types of stem cells from the umbilical cord lining. Cordlife’s 365-day facility is equipped with the world’s most advanced fully automated cord blood processing system, SEPAX-2® and has a storage capacity for 30,000 cord blood units. Cordlife Philippines is a subsidiary of Cordlife Group Limited, a mainboard company listed on the Singapore Exchange. 


Incorporated in May 2001, Cordlife Group Limited (“Cordlife”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), is a consumer healthcare company catering to the mother and child segment and a leading cord blood and umbilical cord lining banking services provider. Amongst the first private cord blood banks in Asia, Cordlife has established a dominant market leader position in Singapore (1). Today, it has the larger market share of the only two private cord blood banks in Singapore. In Hong Kong, it is amongst the three market leaders for private cord blood banks. Cordlife completed the acquisition of the cord blood and umbilical cord lining banking businesses and assets in India, the Philippines and Indonesia from Australia-listed Life Corporation Limited (formerly known as Cordlife Limited) in June 2013.

Cordlife, through its collaborative relationships or arrangements with major private hospitals and clinics such as Thomson Medical and Parkway East Hospital, has continued to increase public awareness of its cord blood banking services in Singapore. Overseas, the Group has a 10% direct stake in China Cord Blood Corporation – a top cord blood bank operator in China holding majority shares in the Beijing, Guangdong and Zhejiang Cord Blood Banks, and an approximately 24% share in Shandong Cord Blood Bank. In October 2013, Cordlife also acquired a 19.92% stake, which was subsequently increased to approximately 31.81% in December 2013, in StemLife Berhad. StemLife Berhad is a fully licensed cord blood banking facility with the Ministry of Health Malaysia currently listed on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia. 

Cordlife has been accredited since 2005 by AABB (formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks), an association involved in the field of transfusion medicine and cellular therapies. The Group is one of the first private cord blood banks in Singapore and amongst the first in Hong Kong to have released cord blood units for transplants and other therapeutic use. In Singapore, Cordlife was the first private cord blood bank to release cord blood units for the treatment of cerebral palsy.

Cordlife’s track record has won the Group many accolades and awards, including: Best Medical Service Award 2010 by Capital CEO Supreme Brand Awards; Top Pregnant/Baby Products Award 2011 by Pregnancy Magazine; Outstanding Financial Strength Cord Blood Bank 2012 by Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards; Most Popular Brand Award 2010 – The Most Popular Cord Blood Bank by TVB Weekly; U-Choice Lifestyle Brand Award 2010 by Metroinfo FM99.7; Baby & Kid Brands Awards year 2013, “My Favourite Cord Blood Bank” by Hong Kong Economic Times; and Baby Kingdom Top 10 Family Brand Award 2012 (2). In October 2012, Cordlife was awarded the prestigious SIAS Investors’ Choice Awards as runner-up in the “Most Transparent Company Award 2012” New Issues Category. In August 2013, we were presented with Merit Award for the Singapore Corporate Awards 2013, “Best Investor Relations Award”. In November 2013, Cordlife was named the “Most Transparent Company 2013” in the Retail & Household Goods Category and Mainboard Small Caps Category at the 14th SIAS Investors’ Choice Awards.

(1) Source : Deloitte & Touche Financial Advisory Services Limited report, 10 April 2013 

(2) Awarded to Cordlife (Hong Kong) Limited

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