84/365: Handwrite A Letter To Somebody

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Handwrite A Letter To Somebody

Instead of doing it to a paper and have a photo taken, can I just type it here instead? LOL. I am going to do it anyway. This challenge is in time with a very important event in our family. It is my late grandmother's birthday. 

Dear Nanay (Grandmother), 

It was supposed to be your birthday this March 26 and we still miss you so much. Even though you had lived until the age of 92, we still want you here with us. I can remember you taking care of me when I was little. I wish I could have given more of my time to be with you. Taking care of you until the end is not enough. 

I just wanted to greet you a happy birthday and that we love you so much.

Love, your apo (Grandchild)

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