43/365: Have I Been Ever Betrayed By Someone I Trusted?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Have I Been Ever Betrayed By Someone I Trusted?

The answer is yes, actually from time to time it happens. However, the most extreme and unforgettable experience of mine is when one of my trusted friend who I also consider a motherly figure betrayed me. 

As a concerned friend after I heard bad comments directly from other people,  I later sent her a message regarding to be careful of people and do not trust them completely yet as they may have back stabbing her without knowing it. For knowing her at least 4 years, I knew her personality that she tends to get comfortable with people not being sensitive to what others may feel about her. I don't know for others but for me when I am friends with someone I want them to hear it from me if there is something wrong than play like you do not know anything.

If not for another concerned friend of mine, I will never know that she showed my message to everyone secretly without even talking to me at first. She did not show the other conversations, just the warning. Of course, everyone who will read my message will assume I am looking for a fight.  

In the end, we all had a conversation face to face and the people I am talking about honestly told her the truth about what they feel about her. We all cleared it up. Now she knows, she even cried as she feels sorry to do that to me but my trust and relationship with her will never be the same. 

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