Unboxing My 7th Saladbox: Dial, Skinfood, Blo, Get Lei'd, Flawless, Novexpert Items

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Unboxing My 7th Saladbox: Novemeber-December 2014

I did not expect that I will still be receiving a new Saladbox this year but to my surprise, after I came home from work, there's a big package waiting on my bed. The package consists two boxes, both boxes has Dial labels on it.

I got two Dial Body Wash in full size as well as two body soaps. I also got a set of full size Mascara from Get Lei'd. The rest are sample sizes and discount vouchers. I observed that the boxes' items are focused on making the owner more ready for the holiday season by keeping skin smooth with Dial, skin ready with Flawless, Skinfood and Novexpert. Last is to have the hair pampered and blow dried at Blo. I do not know if I got the other box as free because it is not listed on the Saladbox Card.

Still, I am so happy I get to open a box before my year ends, so thank you Saladbox!!!

I got this box for only 333php with their promo before. In details, let me now share what I got. 

1pc Dial Body Wash Greek Yogurt - 205php
1pc Dial Body Wash Coconut Water - 205php
2pcs Dial Body Soap Coconut Water - 94php (Full size set is 3pcs for only 140php)
1pc Get Lei'd Cosmetics 3D Green Tea Fiber Mascara Set - 995php
2pcs Skinfood Tomato Whitening Toner - sample size
1pc Skinfood Tomato Whitening Cream - sample size
1pc Novexpert Paris The Repulp Mask - sample size
1pc Flawless Gel Sunscreen - sample size
4pcs Blo Blow Dry Vouchers (2 pcs 20% discounts and 2pcs free deep conditioning treatment)

Total Number of Items: 12pcs
Total Amount of Items if all in full size: 6746php plus worth of vouchers
Total Amount of Items that I got: 1499php plus worth of samples and vouchers

Its a great deal for me and I am so eager to try the new brand (for me) Get Lei'd as the mascara looks promising.

So hold on until I can post a full product review for everything! 

Happy new year everyone! 

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