My Shopping Experience at Zalora

Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Shopping Experience at Zalora

The look of the parcel that arrived.

Have you tried shopping at Zalora? It is an online shop that offers safe shopping, free returns and free shipping fee for items 1000php and above. Zalora is also available to other countries, to check if there is Zalora in your country, go to the link here: About Zalora.

There are a lot of ways on how to pay for your online purchase but what makes Zalora different from other online shop is that they offer cash on delivery.

It is my first time to order at Zalora and the reason I tried it is I have a coupon that I can use for discount. I am amazed that after shopping and checking out my items that I got a confirmation for delivery after a day. I ordered the night before and the next day in the afternoon, they replied that they will be processing my order. I got the package the next day. Zalora is responsible enough to update me through text message that my items will be delivered within 9AM and 5PM and they even gave the name of the delivery guy. 

As you can see on the photo above, Zalora has its own plastic bag (like Xend or LBC). Now check the photo below, the package is sealed properly and a sticker with my name was added on top of the seal. It has a reminder that I should not accept the package if the seal is broken. Included in the package is my delivery information and there is a bar code for the waybill. Even the amount, date and time of transaction is included in their waybill.

Sticker added on top of the seal and the waybill on the packaging.

I am excited to open my package and found an envelope which I opened first. It contains my receipt and the form for returns. The free return is just for 30 days since the package was received. Please review the terms and conditions first before purchasing a product so misunderstandings can be avoided. Keep the return form until you are sure all items are in perfect condition. In my case, I did not encounter any problems with the products that I ordered.

What items did I get? I got myself a new pair of sneakers for work. It is a Zalora Basics made in China but it is soft on my feet. I got the size correctly, they have a reference for sizes when you browse a footwear so make sure you measure your foot accurately to avoid hassle in returning the product.

The sneakers are placed in a box with a sheer pouch that can serve as storage for the shoes. 

I got my boyfriend a new pair of slippers from Banana Peel, the design is so cute! He loves zombies so when I saw the design of the slippers that says he is a zombie slayer, I knew that this is perfect for him. Just like the sneakers, it is properly sealed without the box. It has a plastic covering and the slippers are protected with rubbers.

Then for my sister, I got her a new Aquazorb towels as I always borrow hers. The towel is tightly sealed on its packaging and looks very new. 

I enjoyed shopping at Zalora as I can see a lot of items in different varieties whether its accessories, clothes, shoes or beauty related things. Its a one stop shop! Just a reminder though, most of their coupons are not applicable to beauty and on sale items. Although there are still a lot of items you can choose from. For terms and conditions with the use of vouchers, check the link here.

Interested to try Zalora and it is your first time? Use this coupon to avail 15% discount on your total amount of purchase, ZBAPQFCJ. Thank you for reading and have fun shopping!

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  1. I only have ordered from Zalora twice as of yet but so far I am very much satisfied with them :)


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