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Monday, January 19, 2015

My First Coupon Use In My Planner - Jergens

My first coupon use for the month of January 2015, I did the 7 day challenge with my Jergens body lotions at home starting from January 1. I used all my variety of Jergens alternately on those 7 days. But after the 7 days, I maintained the Ultra Healing everyday. I posted my experience on Instagram and Facebook and tagged Jergens to get a free gift pack. They responded immediately and asked for my home address. I am just waiting for the gift pack, I will share it on my blog as soon as I got it. 

Thank you so much Belle De Jour and Jergens! 


  1. Yay! I'll be doing mine soon as well :D

  2. Hi. How do you take the challenge? :)

  3. Hi! Just use any Jergens variant you have for 7 days and share your experience on Facebook, take a photo of your coupon together with your Jergens and tag them on Facebook. :)

  4. Hi sis, natanggap ko na today! picture ko tom :)

  5. mkaka kuha lng ng sample if my planner ka diba?

  6. yes, kasi gagamitin mo yung coupon kasama sa planenr. :)


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