29/365: 10 Things That Reminds Me Of My Childhood

Thursday, January 29, 2015

10 Things That Reminds Me Of My Childhood

*All photos used are not mine and just found in Google Image Search

1. Sailor Moon

This series is the main reason I started being addicted to anime. I can still remember myself playing and imagining I am transforming to be one of the sailor soldiers.

2. Tamagotchi

I love Tamagotchi! My mother does not like pets when I was a kid so they gave me exactly like the sample on the picture. I had a dog with my Tamagotchi in a transparent look. On weekdays, they confiscate this so I could focus on my study. They will give it back to me on Friday night and I can remember being sad when my pet is sick because I was not able to take care of it the whole week, I think there's a time I just found my dog dead that I had to reset the game.

3. Dairy Queen Ice Cream

This yummy ice cream is what my Dad used to buy to me when I was little just to shut me up when we have to travel long. For example, my Dad and Mom buys me a cone of this (with additional scoops) in Laguna (at that time there is a branch there) when we have to drop off my sister in College and if I have this ice cream I won't pester them much on the car ride back home because I am so busy eating and licking my ice cream cone!

4. Sarah Ang Munting Prinsesa / Princess Sarah


I read the book when I was a kid but I love watching the movie and the anime version. Actually when I think about it, I still love watching it now whenever I see it on television. I hate that its hard to find a copy of the anime because I want to have my own copy.

5. Goosebumps Books

I can still remember collecting these books one by one. Its my first attempt to read because I tried the Sweet Valley Kids and I got so bored with that. I saw this in our library at school, tried it and love it.

6. Matchbox Cars

My Dad used to fight me on this. I want matchbox cars as toys (Besides Lego) instead of Barbie Dolls. Then he just got used to it. I love the tiny details on each car. The fact that you can move the doors and the wheels.

7. Lego (The Old Version)

Besides Matchbox, Lego was one of my favorite toys. I used to park my Matchbox on the garage of my Lego houses. Even then, I realized that I love building or creating and then I can see some of my obsessive trait now from before because I knew even when I was a little that I like my building blocks coordinated in color and size!

8. Harry Potter Books and Movies

I know many of you can relate to this. I grew up reading the Harry Potter Series. If I can remember it correctly, I think the Book 4 was just released when the first movie was aired. Then it became phenomenal and I was annoyed that when it was just a book, nobody notices it. I even bring it at school to read and no one bothers. LOL, I just remember them asking me if I already watched the movie because it was so awesome and that I should not miss it because it seems that I don't know about. Thought cloud: Yeah, I read it first you idiot... but of course, I never said that!!! I am not being mean, I do not want people judging belittling others thinking that they are the first to try something, do you agree? 

9. Lion King

I love the movie though I can remember this as part of my childhood because it is the first time that I tried watching inside a cinema. My father treated me here so I could experience it. Its a date for us and now I miss him too much. If only there's a visiting time in heaven. My Dad has been so active in my childhood and until his last days that whenever I reminisce, I really miss him.

10. Fushigi Yuugi

Oh my, until today I never get tired of watching this anime. Say what you want but when I started watching this, it is also the time that I think I also started being attracted to someone. This anime made my heart throb with its sweetness! Tamahome VS Hotohori!!! Hahaha, before I liked Tamahome but now that I am old, I may want Tamahome but I want to be practical too, go for the emperor - Hotohori! LOL!

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