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Friday, January 23, 2015

My Awkward Obsession

Before I posted this, I asked my boyfriend what does he think my obsession is, and he answered that he is my obsession - now I can't stop laughing while typing because he is not really helping and I am having a hard time trying to answer this part of the blogging challenge.

I can't really think much of what is considered obsession as I do not know if I am aware about it but I do know that I am obsessed in collecting all the makeups I could afford and try specially on lipsticks variety. 

At work, I have this problem that I do not want erasures on my Intravenous sheet specially if I am going to use it for endorsement purposes. I tend to rewrite a new page if there are any changes or erasures. This also applies on my notes back in college, I rewrite my notes when I get home and I adjust it to have a color coded notes. For example, red color for topics and header, blue for things to point out and black for regular notes.

Oh! I also have this thing that I always check the expiration dates and I always note the one which is near expiry. Whether its in my cosmetics, skin care, medicine box at home or even the E-cart at work. I always put this "Use Me First" note. I believe that I need to conserve and use the expendables first. Actually, I hate it when someone doesn't even notice the labels "Use me first" I put at the medicines in my department at work and they still use the one with the farthest expiration date...ugh! Anyway, its just my obsession anyway! :)

These are things that I could think of as of the moment. For my friends who is also reading my blog post, just comment if you have anything to add on my obsession. Hahaha! :)

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