21/365: My Secret Ambition

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Secret Ambition

I do not think of my ambition to be secret because I think I was pretty much vocal of what I want in life. One thing that I like that is really opposite of what I do in reality is I want to be a makeup artist with proper training. I want to explore my in my passion. Together with that, I want to build my own empire of business, for example a parlor and spa and a part of it also sells cosmetic or fashion related products. This also includes my dream to be a famous beauty blogger.

Can I say ambitions? I have this dream to be a CEO of my own company.  I always dream to see myself wearing business attire and in heels walking around my own building and checking up on my employees. To think I took up nursing but what I really wanted is to exert my capabilities in business world. I am thinking of a magazine or maybe make my own cosmetic brand. I hope I can do it in the future. A girl can dream. 

So, do you have your secret ambitions too?

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