12/365: What Is Inside My Bag?

Monday, January 12, 2015

What Is Inside My Bag?

I am not a fan of small bags unless I need to go to a party or any special occasion. My daily bag at work is kind of big. It contains a lot of items because I want to bring many necessities everyday like chargers, makeup kit, my BDJ Planner and so on that I cannot fit it into a small or medium size bag. I am now used to having big bag that I am already accustomed to its heaviness.

I went to the mall before going to work so I only managed to take a picture of my bag at work. I have a lot more (yes more!) than usual today because I have an extra thing to do at work and its to take our pictures in our department for an update in our organizational chart.

Anyway, the detailed part on what is inside my bag today are the items:

1. BDJ Planner and Coupons
2. Forever 21 Umbrella
3. My wallet
4. Wipes
5. Digital Camera
6. Makeup Kit (Of course!)
7. Coin purse
8. A pouch of chargers and earphones inside

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