My 27th Sample Room Experience: Jergens

Saturday, November 1, 2014

My 27th Sample Room Experience: Jergens Body Lotions

I visited my father and grandmother's grave last October 31, 2014 for the whole day so I was not able to take a photo and post this right away. But this package arrived in my house early morning of the 31st. I thought I would receive it from Sample Room on the week after due to holidays but I am so happy it arrived. 

All I know is I was supposed to receive three items of Jergens so imagine my surprise when I saw a Caronia Eco Bag with a box inside it. Upon opening the box, there is a Jergens tumbler inside. The tumbler is simple yet classy. 

I think this extra tumbler is for being a VIP member. Anyway, I am so grateful! Thank you so much Sample Room and Jergens.

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