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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Perks of Being A Sample Room VIP Member

I remembered that when I first tried being a VIP member of Sample Room, it is just to jump start my points. I promise to myself that I will only subscribe once. Now that I think about it, I realized that I always renew my membership. Having a lot of points can let me try more samples specially the full size items. Since then, I make sure that I am a VIP member. 

It is a perfect timing for my renewal that the Sample Room now offers free gifts for being a VIP member. At first, I thought that it was going to be included in my next transaction but I was shocked to see a package from them after I got home last Saturday after I went to Blogapalooza. Imagine how lucky I feel that day, from all the items I got at the event and coming home to this. Also, I already got a loot bag from Sample Room in the event just because I am a member, now isn't that very generous from them. 

So I opened it right away and the box is enough to make me feel giddy like a kid opening my Christmas Gift. My mouth literally dropped as I saw what is included inside my box. It contains a sweet and thoughtful letter from Sample Room and three beauty items. The beauty items are Shiseido Lip Lacquer, Zenutrients Bug Repellant Cream and a mask from Combos Skin. Just the amount of the items that I got is already more than enough to the fee that I paid to be a VIP member.

This makes being a member of Sample Room VIP more exciting and fun. Why don't you try being a VIP member at least once? See if you will love it as much as I do. For just 799php, enjoy a gift from them and expand your points to 1000.

Thank you so much Sample Room. To check their website, click link here.

How does VIP member works? Click link here.


  1. Hi Ms. Cristine,

    New blog reader here. I am a sample room member too and matagal ko na pinag iisipang mag VIP.
    Pero I was thinking twice nanaman uli since tumaas ang VIP fee. Sana kasi I free shipping na lang nila pag VIP. or gawin nilang 60 ang shipping fee for VIP since Xend naman.. I'd like to ask your honest opinion kung worth it ba talaga mag VIP? TIA :D

  2. Hi @Lorie Nocasa! Hmm actually maganda kasi VIP pang jumpstart ng points mo hanggang lumaki na sya na you won't need it. Yes, nagmahal na nga sya. Pero I still subscribe, kasi mas sulit na makasulit ka ng maraming items sa isang delivery dahil kaya maka purchase ng VIP points ko unlike pag nasa 100-150 ka, madalas isang item lang kaya. So for me, yes worth it ang VIP. Lalo na ngayon may free gift na sila unlike dati.


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