My 26th Sample Room Experience: Belo Nutraceuticals & Cream Silk

Friday, October 24, 2014

My 26th Sample Room Experience: Belo Nutraceuticals and Cream Silk

I was so depressed when I was not able to purchase a Belo Nutraceutical Special Box from Glamourbox and imagine my surprise when I saw the teaser from Sample Room! I knew then it was my chance to grab a sample and try it. 

Sample Room is still the best for me, they offer samples that most of the time are on full sizes. Like this new Belo Collagen Powder Drink that costs 1,592.50php per box of 14 sachets (Good for 14 days) and yet I only got it for 180 points in Sample Room.

Together with the new collagen drink, they also offered Belo Glutathione with Collagen Capsules in 10 pieces. A pack of 10 pieces costs 480php and I got two packs. Two packs for only 130 points. It's amazing, right? Thank God I am currently subscribed as a VIP member at that time. If not, I will not be able to get all these samples. 

I also got one Cream Silk Conditioner, also in full size to complete the maximum of three items per transaction. This conditioner costs 137php.

All in all, I got worth 2,689.50php of items for only 160php shipping fee that came from my own pocket. I really love Sample Room, its a great start for trying out products before buying in the market. Want to know more about Sample Room, click link here

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