Taking Care of Your V-Zone From Unilab

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Package From Unilab!

I am lucky enough to be chosen by Unilab and PH Care to review their new taking care of your V-Zone launching of products. A product made specially for the bikini area. 

At first, I just know that I will be reviewing the new Bikini Trimmer or shaver but to my surprise, I got the two of the new products including a lot of more items!

What is inside the loot bag delivered straight to my home?

1 piece of Vzone Bikini Trimmer
1 pack (3pcs) of Vzone Bikini Shaver
2 packs of Digestics Constipaid
1 Travel size PH Care Cool Wind
5 pieces of PH Care Cool Wind Wipes
5 pieces of PH Care Cool Wind Sachets
1 transparent pouch
1 PH care pouch
1 PH care keychain

Is not all the items inside the package amazing? I am so excited to try all of it. All the travel size items like sachets and wipes fitted the transparent pouch making it ready for travel already. Now, I want to go out of town just to use all of it at once. 

I already reviews the Digestics Constipaid before and here is the link: Constipaid: Probiotic Supplement

I already used PH Care Cool Wind before but did not manage to write a review about it.

Now, I cannot wait to post a full product review on the new PH Bikini Trimmer and Shaver. Will try to post it this weekend so hang on ladies!

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