Hoarding Godiva Items!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Its Sale On Godiva's Website!

Godiva is a Philippine local brand being sold at Watson's and Department stores before but at that time I am not eager to try brands that I do not know of. It is just sad that Godiva items is not readily available now, you can purchase Godiva products through their website or BDJ Box.

If not for BDJ Box, I will not be able to try this amazing brand. I got boxes of sachets from one of my subscription boxes. I had both the whitening deodorant and the licowhite whitening lotion. 

I took advantage and bought my favorites from their website sale. They offer real sale prices!

Godiva's Website: http://www.godivaskin.com.ph/

BDJ Box Website: http://bdjbox.com/

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