BDJ Event: Camp Gorgeous 2014

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Experience in BDJ Camp Gorgeous

My first choice for the talk to attend to is the Beauty Prep by Beauty Ministry and the next one is the Be Bold, Be Edgy by Patrick Alcober. Unfortunately, due to emergency I did not managed to attend my second talk since I need to run an errand.

Photo images courtesy of BDJ

Anyway, after attending so much BDJ events before, I already knew what to do. I came early and got myself registered. I am so happy that the event took place at SM North Sky Dome since its near my home so I did not need to wake up really early to get here.

After registration, I went inside and have a look. The stage is at the center with aisles of chairs in front of it. The stage is set up today on a platform as same as the audience. Unlike before, that they used a higher platform. This way, we are more on level with the speakers. 

While waiting for the talks to start, I go around the booths first. The booths this time are less than what I usually observed. Also, almost all of the booths offer make overs. I did not try most of it because I already went to the event with my make up on so I did not enjoy it as much as I usually do. Before, there are games or contests you can join and there are a lot who gives trials and samples. 

I first checked out the new brand in the Philippines that came from US, the Glam Glow. I wrote a review about Glam Glow before and how it worked its wonders on my skin. So I am so happy to got a new sample from them. Glam Glow booth tests their samples on your hands or nose to see the effect on your skin.


Beside Glamglow is the booth of PAC. There are certain Bellas who registered before hand for a one-on-one and hands-on lecture with PAC's makeup artist. 

Going around, I also saw the Max Factor Booth where ladies will also join the on hands makeup workshop and be the next makeup artist of Max Factor. I joined this before but unfortunately I was not included to the winners. I will try my luck next time.

For Yves Rocher, they also offer free make over. You can also like their page with the laptop they have. 

Revlon offers free application of hair color, just buy the hair color at the event. Isn't that amazing? You can pamper yourself while waiting for the actual event to start.

Cover Girl also offered make overs in the event.

I am sure this is the busiest booth of all, why? Because the one who will do the makeup here is Ms. Victorino of Real Techniques and Ms. Shebby of Eco Tools. I am just sad I did not have the opportunity to greet them since they are so busy and the line is already long. 

This is the first time that Piandre had a booth on BDJ event. The Piandre team also offered make overs.

I miss the slot machine of samples from Too Cool For School as well as their unique Photo fan signs. This time, the Too Cool For School do make overs.

At last, Heroine comes in the Philippines. The booth of Heroine displays the products they have and they can answer our queries but they are not selling products on the event.

For the L'Oreal Booth, they have a free skin analysis that helps you detect if you have a dry, oily or combination skin. They also sell some of their products at the event. Like the rest of the booths, L'Oreal also offers make overs.


Of course, Benefit always has the best costumes in town! The majorettes promoting their new blush on are so cute! I am also happy to see Ms. Tasha again. They have a contest wherein you need to take a selfie with their big size blush on. Your reflection should be reflected on the mirror. You will tag them on Instagram and the winner can win the new blush on from Benefit. 

Just in time, I was able to get a good seat for the talk. I am just in front of the Beauty Ministry couches. 

They started the talk by introducing the newest member of Beauty Ministry, Ms. Frances Sales. Followed by the rest of the Beauty Ministry. 

They answered a lot of beauty questions. Its nice to hear advises that we can use daily. I always love attending their talk. I never miss it whenever I attend the BDJ event. 

At the end of the day, I gave my slot to a walk-in lady who was not registered to the Shu Uemura so she could attend it since I need to attend to my errands and leave the event early. 

Of course, I am still happy with the event as it turned out to be another successful event. The loot bag that I got contains these items:

So, that is all for the BDJ event this year and see you Bellas to the next event!

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