Etude: Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner #1

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Etude: Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner #1

Most of the women I know ignores the power of lip liners. Some of them said its not a priority while some said they don't see the difference between using one to without. I used to be one of those girls who thinks its not a priority in my make-up stash. But as time flies and I am learning more on the art of cosmetics, I noticed the importance and difference. 

For me, you don't need to collect all the shades for every lip color you have. You just need to at least have one shade that can be used to every lipstick you own. One problem I also encountered is the price of lip liners -  known brands costs almost like a lipstick. 

As I go around Asian brand stores, I saw this auto lip liner from Etude! And I immediately bought it. There are three shades available, and this is the lightest shade they have. The other two is more pinkish based.

The stick is a auto-dispense pencil, you don't need sharpeners. It is sealed and you have to cut the seal off by twisting the cap real hard.

Weight: 0.2g

Shade: 1

Formulation: Retractable pencil

Texture: Soft

Consistency: Creamy


Usage amount: Two to three glides both on upper and lower lip

Lasting time: Lasts long hours unless you wipe your lips with tissue or cloth

> Affordable
> Refillable
> Shade is like nude that can be applied all over your lips or just the edges
> Helps lipstick last longer
> No bleeding of lipsticks
> Lips remained moisturized after use
> Can be used to a variety of lipstick shades
> Easy to apply and glide
> Convenient to use
> Does not overpower the color of lipstick you use

> Limited colors offered by Etude if you want to collect. 
> No ingredients listed

You can use it by applying it all over your lips to make your lipstick color last longer. Or you can just apply it on the edges of your lips to avoid bleeding of lipsticks. 


Buy again? 100%

Price: 98php

Where to buy? Any Etude Stores (SM Malls)

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