Colour Collection: BB Cream Age Defying

Thursday, May 22, 2014

BB Cream Age Defying

Weight: 40ml

Shade: One shade for all skin tones

Formulation: Tube

Consistency: Cream


Coverage: Light to medium

Usage amount: Three to Four drops of cream to spread evenly on face and neck

Lasting time: 4-5 hours

> Age defying (targets wrinkles, fine lines and age spots)
> Sealed tip (Seen on picture above)
> With green tea extract and CoQ10
> SPF 45
> Suited for dry skin - no oiliness occurred after application and absorption
> Spreads and blends easily
> Covered my uneven skin color and some blemishes but dark spots still needs a concealer
> No need to be set by powder
> Not greasy nor sticky
> When applied and absorbed, my skin looks flawless
> No break-outs noted
> It has 8 skin benefits declared by Colour Collection:
1. Slows down skin's aging process
2. Protects skin from UV rays
3. Helps minimize wrinkles
4. Softends and hydrates dry skin
5. Promotes cell renewal
6. Reduces pigmentation
7. Retain moistures
8. Aids in improving skin elasticity

> Lasting time (But it is common for BB creams to not last long)

BB Cream usage differs from each person. Some like it and some don't. There are a variety of brands producing BB creams and since it was invented, I always wanted to try it - in search for the perfect one for me. BB creams can be a good replacement for foundations, it is milder and usually has a healing properties for skin. It really doesn't last long so I usually use BB creams for short trips or just doing errands and if I am on night shift. But I still use foundation for morning and afternoon duty in work, I don't have the privilege of time for re-touching make-up. 

The top leading brands for me in producing best BB creams are The Face Shop and Etude. In my opinion, this Colour Collection's Age Defying BB Cream can highly compete with other Asian brands but cheaper. 

Buy again? 100%

Price: 699php

Where to buy? Branches of Tupperware Brands, you can see it on their website.

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