Skin Food: Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

Type: Serum

Weight: 30ml (Sample size)

Formulation: Bottle

Consistency: Clear liquid

Fragrance: With slight scent of alcohol

Ingredients: Black sugar extract, Skin Renewup, Multi Fruit Complex, 

Target: Exfoliate, Brighten, Hydrate and Wrinkle-smoothing

Absorption: Easily dries up after wiped with cotton pad

Tightening feeling on skin: A little

Lasting time: None observed

> Natural ingredients
> Smoothens - Contains mostly of black sugar that is known to be a great exfoliating product
> Hydrates and Moisturizes
> Brightens
> Cleanses well - Smooth and soft skin after use

> Price

Shake well before use. Cleanse your face first then with the use of cotton pad, apply generous amount of the serum into the cotton pad. Wipe it all over your face.

Suggestion of use is before toning and moisturizing. But for me, this can be a replacement for toner for cleansing.

The cotton pads from Skinfood has two sides, the rougher part for wiping the entire face to remove dirt and exfoliate. While the smoother part of the pad is to dab on skin to remove excess sebum or serum.

                           Rough side                       Smooth side

Generous amount of serum

After Cleansing:

                        Rough side dirt                  Smooth side dirt


Buy again? 75%

Price: 1,600 (Full size bottle - 120ml)

Where to buy? Skin Food stores or stalls on leading malls

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